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Lineage 2 Carnage Faction.

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    • Interlude
    • Gracia Epi adv Freya

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If i was to make a faction server, witch client version would u chose ?


Interlude -  Client is limited

Epilogue+ - No limit xD


Maybe some of you seen my work and know what im capable of.. some of you didn't but after l2 akin and archid empire you'll see. ^^

Since your opinion matters post it here and vote witch client you think would be awesome for a faction server.

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ok setekh i think a lot of ppl seach for interlude factions server.. there are a lot of gracia/epilogue but not any good interlude.. we need some like old echos/rvb/GvS with great ideas not only a place to fight the factions.. ideas like sieges for 2 factions.. i think settekh u know better... gl and hope to see a good Interlude faction server..

"bad english soz"

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Hmm.... i am currently playing Intelude and i can say that i am in love with it but as long as it is for an Faction server i would prefer playing it on Epilogue cause you are capable to do more things

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Well pilorgr is right theres plenty of decent gracia and epilogue faction servers and not some many interlude.Still if ur willing to make a unique project that will provoke ppl to play then ye go for it.

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Ofc Interlude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whatever is newest from the interlude is just shit.

i vote for IL.

lol no...i personally prefer IL for normal pvp server but other clients are ok


in a IL faction there aren't many things to do,it has few features(among with limited options of factions they are really few)


but there is no serious IL faction project


So,if u create IL you will have limited options but it will be the only good IL faction server

    if you create G.E you have many options but u must be better from existing one good servers

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Epilogue , cuz il  sux the il server get buggd easy  donno wahy ..adn of on il Th and other deggers are OP , i`m working on a Epilog server Faction have nice futures .. but still is lot of work :D


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