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Lineage ][ Genesis[Stuck Subclasses]

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Lineage II Chronicle 5-6: Oath of Blood-Interlude


Server Rates:

- 2000x EXP

- 2000x SP

- 10000x Adena

- 1x Drop

- 1x Quest Reward


Server Info:

- Full support Lineage C5-6 client

- Full C6 maps/mobs/items/quest...

- Support siege castle

- Support strider/wyvern

- Support seven signs

- Support subclass

- Custom GMShop

- NPC Buffer in all towns

- 9 Hours Buffs

- Custom Noblesse

- Hero Working

- Heros every Friday night

- Friendly GMs

- Events every day

- Clan halls Works

- Join us Now

- Stuck Subclasses Skills

- Enchant Rate:95%

- Max Enchant :30


How to play in this server:

- Download Lineage C6 client.

- Download our patch from                                    http://rapidshare.com/files/74922039/L2Genesis.rar.html

-htttp page :                                                      http://l2genesis.no-ip.org/?page=home.php

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yeah sure...if by pvping you mean killing other ppl unfair  ::) coz thats what multiclass is..


Trust me...when i was playing....i was one of the few with multiclass....and i was the only one in events with buffs because of that...(BTW i had all skills on necro...)

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Very Nice server :D

The good things is that you can exp very fast in giran harbor from 1to 80 lvl

Also the baium drops some coins that makes ya hero

Also GM is friendly ....

Anyway the bad thing is that sometimes has little lag


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