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[GUIDE]Clan Quest (Alliance Manifesto)

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Hello since i search the whole Lineage2GeneralDiscussion Section i didnt found any guide to informe us how we can lvl up our clan from 3 to 4 lvl so i decide to make up this guide,i hope you will like it  :P


Step:1)Talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai in Giran and choose "We Shall Take The Test".[He is at Warrior Guild]



Step:2)Now you have to go to Witch Kalis.She is SouthEast of Ivory Tower.Then She tells you that you have to sacrifise 3 members of your clan.1-3 members will probably die at this point so it will be better to have one other member too to ressurect them

width=446 height=480http://imageshack.gr/images/fmm3znjmjwhhwzjjqjdo.jpg[/img]


Step:3)Then the clan members must talk with Statue Of Offering.The Statue asks them if they want to sacrifise themselves.Then they have to press "Yes",when they do this they will obtain an item called "item of offering"then they have to give this item in their leader[Note:3 clan members have to do this]

width=347 height=480http://imageshack.gr/images/yzhztlmn0izmzme2nivz.jpg[/img]


Step:4)When the leader took those 3 item of offering he have to talk with Witch Kalis again,but this time she will give to the leader a Poison,press "Drink It"[This poison cannot be cured or removed with any skill]Now the other 3 members have to go in 3 different areas

width=640 height=277http://imageshack.gr/images/mmuzdtmowzyn4i2khwnj.jpg[/img]


Step:5)The one of them have to kill "Harit Lizardman Shamans"until he get one item called "Herb Of Harit".Those creeps can be found in Angels Waterfalls



Step:6)The other one have to kill "Vanor Silenos Shamans" until he get an item called "Herb Of Vanor".Those creeps can be found at "Plains Of Glory" near "Aden Castle"




Step:7)The last one member have to kill "Oel Mahum Witchdoctors" until he get an item called "Herb Of Mahum".Those creeps can be found in "Bandit Stronghold"



Step:8)When  the 3 clan members obtain those 3 herbs they have to go[All of those 3 members] at "Hardins Private Academy".One of them must talk with Witch Athrea.She tells you that she will give you the item you need called "Blood Of Eva" only if you kill some boxes.Attention there is Time Limit here!!!

width=555 height=480http://imageshack.gr/images/j4jdzijmymnjynt1yzvb.jpg[/img]


Step:9)When you finish your talk :P with Witch Athrea suddenly 9 boxes will appear.Kill them all until 4 of those boxes said "Bingo!".If you dont succeed with the first time you can try again :)




Step:10)Talk Again with Witch Athrea.She will give you the item "Blood of Eva"



Step:11)Now you have to go again to your leader.Give him the "Blood Of Eva".Now the leader have to talk with "Witch Kalis" and give her the items.She will give to the leader an item called "Voucher Of Faith" and an Antidote called "Potion Of Recovery".The leader must drink the potion now :P



Step:12)Now the leader have to go back to "Sir Kristof Rodemai" In Giran.He will give you 120,000 SP and an item called "Alliance Manifesto"



Step:13)This Is The Final Step :P,the only thing you have to do is to go to anyone Grand Master,Head Blacksmith or Warehouse Chief etc...And voila you clan lvl increased for 3 to 4


Some of those infos are from [move] Violent Die[/move] so credits goes also there :)

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