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www.L2xD.eu Private Server Lineage II Epilogue.


I would like invite you to newly created Lineage 2 server!

Internacional server crated by the Poles!

Our goal is to create a server where everyone can find their own place and new friends.

Low rate & High rate soon




- Exp x7

- Adena x7

- Drop x7

- SP x7

- Spoil x6




- L2Open project

- Geodata

- No Wipe`s

- Many Events

- Olympiad Full working

- Primeval Island

- Instances

- Clan Skill`s

- 85 lvl

- Cursed Weapons

- Subclass

- Noblesse

- Clan Halls

- Augmentation System

- Enchant Skills System

- Territory war

- S80 and Icarus items

- Hellbound working

- Forts full working

- Frintezza



Server Hardware:

- Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, 8 cores

- O.S. : Linux Debian 5.0

- RAM : Real memory 8GB

- Net : 100 Mbps

- Localization : Europe (Germany) [GMT +1]



- Dual Box allowed only for 2 accounts from 1 ip

- All quests requirement

- Donate system does not interfere with gameplay

- 4 GMs online every evening


Events on opening week:


- CH like Fortress of Resistance, Devastated Castle will be transfered to the Clans with best online

- GMs will give buffs sometimes

- Running event Glittering Medals with potions, buff scrolls etc.


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