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[Share] Head Hunter SmokeGrenade v1.5


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This plugin turns the Smoke Grenade into a Head Hunter grenade, it will track the players head and if it touches it! HEADSHOT!

When the impact times will go out the grenade will destroy itself turning into scrap of metal.



#include <cstrike>

#include <engine>

#include <fakemeta>

#include <hamsandwich>




smhdh_distance_head_cut    100.0 // distance when the nade will have super-speed to cut the head
smhdh_distance_sense         400.0 // distance when the nade will sense a player
smhdh_distance_owner_head_cut  10.0 // distance when the nade will cut the owner head (only works when ignore_owner is 0!)
smhdh_impact_times            8 // Impact times before the nade desintegrates

smhdh_color_red                 0 // Red color effect
smhdh_color_green              214 // Green color effect
smhdh_color_blue                98 // Blue color effect

smhdh_velocity_correction    150.0 // Velocity added to the nade when targeting a player (x,y axis)
smhdh_height_correction      25.0  // Velocity added to the nade when targeting a player (z axis)[height]
smhdh_velocity_add             50.0  // Velocity correction (will work when the nade has low speed)
smhdh_velocity_border         200.0 // Velocity border correction (if nade speed is under this the speed will be accelerated)
smhdh_velocity_aim_for_head 800.0 // Super-velocity added to the nade when getting near the head
smhdh_hit_damage            500.0  // Damage when hitting a head
smhdh_remove_time           60.0  // Seconds after the nade will be removed
smhdh_ignore_friendly 1 // Ignore friendly (teammates can't be killed by nade)
smhdh_ignore_owner 1 // Ignore owner (owner can't be killed by nade)

smhdh_effects 1 // Plugin effects


Useful links:







To do:

- Make the grenades shootable (kinetics/damage)




V1.5 - optimized the code a bit, made the line of sight function work better
V1.4 - fixed the crazy velocity bug, added time remove
V1.3 - made the plugin more customizable
V1.2 - added nade acceleration when nade is too slow
V1.1 - fixed weird bug
V1.0 - initial release  






Download :  Link


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