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[L2J] L2InterkasaNetwork*

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L2Interkasa (Network)* Opened 14.April.2010


Server Info


Linage II Interkasa would like to welcome you to the grand opening of our 10x server!


RateXp = 10x.

RateSp = 10x.

RatePartyXp = 2x

RatePartySp = 2x

RateDropAdena = 15x.

RateDropItems = 10x.

RateDropSpoil = 15x.

Safe enchant: 3 everything.

Max Enchant: 25 Wep / 25 Armor, Jewelry.

Normall Enchant rate: 55%

Blessed Enchant rate: 60%



Npc Buffer.

Class Changer.

Global Gl.

< Pots+shots(in giran grocery)


Other Informations:

* 32 buff bar slots (28 standard slots plus 4 unlockable slots.)

* Working Geodata.

* All Castles are fully siegeable.

* All Castle features are working.

* Interlude Clan System.(This includes all the Clan buffs aswell.)

* Siegeable Clan Halls, All of them working.

* Academy system fully working.

* Interlude stats on all raidbosses.

* Retail like Olympiad.

* Retail Olympiad countdowns.

* Anti Bot System.

* Custom protection to prevent exploits.

* Raid Curses work like they should.

* Shop Zone in Giran.

* Pagans Temple working 100%.

* 99% uptime.

* Duel System 100% working..

* 20 level party difference.

* Clan Leader Change available through Grand Master.

* Symbol skills working.

* Soulshot bonuses work like they should on skills.

* Lethal-1 and Lethal-2 Strike effects working.

* 100% working weapon augmentation system.

* +6 Armor set bonuses working.

*SERVER OPENED 14.April.2010 And welcomes Everyone :)

Site: http://l2.interkasa.ro/

Look Forum For Updates Daily.

SERVER IS IN COMPANY IN RO .NEVER DOWN. 99.9% Uptime (Staff Pay Money).

No Donations.


L2Interkasa Staff.:*


Owner : Fantasy (Server Owner,Administrator.)

Developer : Kira (Develops the server with great expirience.)

Head GameMaster : Loudovic (Head Gm.Active.Events.Checking.)


Welcome and Enjoy your Stay Here :) Have fun.

Everything you need Post In Forum.Or Pettition a Gm In-Game

The L2interkasa Team Thank you for your attention.**

Vote Daily on l2.hopzone.net Hopzones.net Topzone.com.

Site: http://l2.interkasa.ro/

Site: http://l2.interkasa.ro/


PS ::Server Is Not Mine. Informations tooked by servers forum



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