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OK , i am looking for server since 2-3 days and dont find one...

But this topic is not about that. I made it becouse all the server (or most of them) are full of customs.

And the customs are like equals ... you know - Epic , Titanium , Platinum , Dusk , Dynasty , Vesper and etc.

I search in 35-75x servers , even higher and lower and I spot Customs again. What the f*ck is going on with you "Admins" of servers. Can't you think before make server.

Also the enchant rates , if i start to count how much servers are with Max 30 safe 5 and 75% ... they will be more than 50% of the servers. I was think that all admins make servers becouse to give their friends items and then just pwnz all the other players. I know that may be someone gonna insult me but i dont care,  cuz thats the truth!!! I have to say that i am kind of a pissed off. I think Server Owners are making server for kid , even worst , the kids are Owners .... I dont know who likes crazy stats like , Custom vs Normal S grade , Custom hit 5000 dmg to Normal , and Normal hit 200 to Custom ... Is that cool ? I dont think so , its so stupid , why you need 200 S grade sets when the NCSoft made 3 S grade sets ... If i wanna play with vesper i will go play gracia Final and epilogy !!! Damn ... you ruin the game guys  >:(


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