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❶ L2Java, Stuck class, Faction [700+ ON] TODAY WIPE!!!

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I want to inform, what today L2Java project is wipping 5000x server. Server is 4 years old and every wipe half of donated GC is returning to players.


Server wiping only in 9-12 months period and today will start new season! Check this out!


http://l2java.com - for more info




I want to introduce our Interlude project :)






Liberty (Faction)


Statustic: http://l2java.com/FactionTop

It's unique faction mod which developed by our team and have many new features which you can find only here.

Some features:

3 Factions (Angels, Demons and Nature)

Every hour new zone

Kill enemies and earn EXP and Aden

Capture enemies flag

and many other features,

Just Try


Edge of Edolon server (Stuck class)

RATES: EXP/SP/ADEN: 2500x, DROP: 100x

MOD: Stuck class mod*

Retail style Olimpiad system!

GM Shop

Buffer with 2h buffs

Nick Color system

PVP/PK Show system

TVT event

Chaos event

1rd, 2rd, 3rd without quests

Subclass, nobless without quests

and much more.

*Stuck class mod - You can take same race class skills (class + class), example TH+HE (Human + Human).

More info about this meet with Polterg in Giran Church.


And our old server :)



Opened: 2008 12 01

Rates: 5000x5000x50x10000x

Enchant rate: 85%

Max Enchant: 35

Retail style Olimpiad system!

TVT, Olympiad and Chaos and Invasion (Exclusive events, You can find it only here) events

Online time: 24/7

All known critical bugs are fixed

Everyone's PvP and PK score is shown on his title

.paint mode - Can paint on the ground by addena (just need click mouse)

And lot more features

Join us and You'll see




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Look its like On your main you add All skills of a class from your race. Like you are Necro level up till 79, and you can take paladin skills , but you are still necro. It's not a sub class, but you can stuck skills on sub class which is kind of a cool feature :) , but the main problem i have is if i get critical error or what ever , i just cant join again, i have to wait  >:( which is realy annoying, or if i log in i am without anybuff on my character.

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