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[Other] Ways To Earn Adena On L2Gold


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Hello guys at this topic I will post some ways to earn adena on L2 Gold

OK lets start :P


1st way : Go to Heine and buy many bogs spent all your adena it doesn't matter. Then right click on each one bog and the +0 bog will be 9-10 +1 bogs :D Now sell them 2-5kk each and voila adenas!


2nd way : Make a dwarf character and level up him at 78 level. If you want make and rebirths ( I have made 3). When you make rebirths (it is not necessary) if you can enchant and the skills spoil and sweeper (BE CAREFUL IF YOU ENCHANT THEM BEFORE MAKE A REBIRTH AND MAKE THE REBIRTH AFTER THE SKILLS WILL BE +0 AGAIN). Ok now go to the blazing swamp and go as higher you can. Now start spoil-kill-sweep the mobs and voila till your buffs end (1 hour) 500 water mantra 300 wind 300 silver nugget and 4-7kk Sell the mantras and many adenas


3rd way :  Go with your dwarf at Elven Ruins and start spoil-kill-sweep the mobs. Some mobs maybe drop Enria


4th way : Make a Warlord level up him (to full level) and go to the Giants Gave. Take many mobs and kill them. You will get many adenas!


PS. Now I think that L2Gold now has the Giant Cave as a Hunting Zone. This is not a problem.


Credits to HM5

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btw you dont need to go to hein to buy your bogs unless you get them from a Hero.


Also GC is old they just reimplimented it cause the old players wanted it back.


On a Dwarf the Skills you don't lose if you have them enchanted as you have your

spoil and sweep from a low level.

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