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The Defense of the Ancient (DOTA) is a combination of the computer games Warcraft III: Frozen Thrones and Starcraft which are both from Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, players are divided into two teams with an objective of destroying the other people’s “ancient” while defending the team’s own ancient. The players could choose their own heroes or configured the game play as random. Each team has an AI called the creeps which as the game progress they keep on going stronger as well. The two teams have a towers, two towers are each placed on the center, right and left of the team’s based. Once you destroyed the towers, the enemies ancient’s would be easier to penetrate in.

Sentinel and Scourge

There are two teams that you are going to choose side with in DOTA - the Sentinel or Scourge.



The Sentinels are located on the southwest portion of the map. The Sentinels are the good guys in Warcraft Dota. They are fighting for their ancient World Tree and have the Night Elf race as their creeps and buildings.




The Scourge are located on the northeast portion of the map. If the sentinels are the good guys, the Scourge are the bad guys in this World of Warcraft Frozen Throne extension. They have the undead creeps on their side to help protect the Frozen Throne.


Dota Heroes

In the DOTA game, you could either choose your own hero or if the game’s creator activated the mode -ar which makes the choosing of your hero to be random. You could swap your game hero if you do not like the random hero that you got but it will cost you some gold. If you purchased an item prior in the switch, the items would be lost as well.

Gold Farming

You need gold as the game goes by. You need gold to improve your characters attack, armor or stats. You could get golds through killing creeps, heroes and towers. As the no of kills of yourdota hero increases without ever dying, the bounty of your dota hero increases as well. The increments are the following:

3 Killing Spree 50

4 Dominating 100

5 Mega-Kill 150

6 Unstoppable 200

7 Wicked Sick 250

8 M-m-m-m….Monster Kill 300

9 Godlike 350

10+ Beyond Godlike/Holy Shit (somebody stop/kill him!) 400.


Credits to DotaHeroGuide.



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