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[Share]How to become a not noob player in dota by me..

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Hi Mxc this is completely created by me no c/p no nothing.With this guide i will try to explain you how to play dota better.You will become pros by just read this.


                                          Out-game issues


First the main thing who must problem you is the net that you want to play.To play dota you must have both warcraft 3 reign of chaos and frozen throne.Then you can choose client for playing. Or in Battle.net or in Garena or in Eurobattle

client sites~~~~~>

garena (i play there) http://www.garena.com/

battle.net (official) http://eu.battle.net/?rhtml=y

eurobattle http://eurobattle.net/


                                        Ingame issues


After we have selected our client and have make an account we are ready to start playing DotA.Find a game and join it.In the game we will see the taverns at the top left of the map.


if you click on a tavern you will see that many heroes will be appear.


like the picture above in the intelligence neutral tavern.



                                        Hero selection


You can select a hero from a big variety of heroes in the different colored taverns.The taverns are categorized in 3 big categories Strength - Intelligence - Agility.


                                            Classes specification 

Strength:Are classes with huge Hitpoints (Health) and are good for tanking.Very useful for teams because they are the best assistants in team battles.

Agility:Are classes with usually low Hitpoints big amount of damage.They are Damage dealers with his nukes or their huge damages but are weak against hardcore tanks and often wants assistant.

Intelligence:Are classes who they depend on their skills which cause really huge damages.Has low hitpoints and armor.In team battles they will shine because of their ultis.


Now who you have select your hero who prefer it's time to pick starting items and your lane. [Lane = the path that you go when the game starts. There are 3 lanes in the game one top one mid and one bottom.

11s19ib.jpg ]

If you pick a ranger hero who is attacking with range then you will probably go solo mid.A good starting item for solo is an empty bottle 2lmo48l.jpgIf you go to top or bottom lane you will probably take attribute items. If you are a str hero you will take 2 gauntlets of strength a circlet of nobility  and bunch of tangos or a healing slaves. Starting item depends of the item build you will to create in late game.


                                              How to farm  ::)

Farming is dota is your way to become the owner at late game.To learn to farm you must understand that only if you do the last hit of the creeps [creeps=small warrior that go across the lanes and try to reach enemies base.There are both at you and your opponents lanes.]you will take gold.


After some practicing with farming you will gain the experience to farm and take gold fast.

farm=gold=items and we all know what good items give  ;)


                                        What we must do to win ???

In order to win the game you must destroy your enemies main tower~~~~~>




                                            Last Infos

Characters specifications: Stunners (they have a stun skill)

                                    Healers (they have a heal for themselves and theirs allies)

                                    Invis (They can become invisible)

                                    Slowers(They slow the enemies)

                                    Disablers(They disable enemies skills or attack or armor)

                                    Silencers(They can silence enemies skills)


Lane control: Your main purpose for the early game in the lane is to make some gold by farming and destroy the enemies towers.


If you are new in dota you must know that towers deal huge damage in every attack.Don't stay near them.


Dont attack your enemies alone w8 you teammates to come with you.


By killing creeps or your friends killing creeps you gain exp (experience) to level up your character.


You can see your skills by clicking in the red icon in your hero skill bar.


Think out of the box in every attack.DotA is a mind game!


Gangs are the attack that they perform by an Allie hero. To make a gang you must change your lane and attack the foe without understand it.


Misses are when an enemy hero is leaving his lane so you must say -1 if one hero missing or -2 for two heroes.


When you kill an enemy hero you will awarded with extra gold


Maximum level is 25


credits kobeshoot and mxc i hope you like it.


cooment me for updates etc.. :P 




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>>  : - ) <<(CLICK ME!)


i believe its the same in many points...good effort though :P


yes noble its same in many points because i have read yours but all the pics are mine and the writing styles and some others things its not c/p

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With this guide you just learn some basic thing about dota. Nothing more. Although it's a good effort.


yes but with this guide you will not question noobs questions


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