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[Comp]Flame Leviathan Exploit/Glitch


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You still need some skills to do the Flame Leviathan fight +4, but this be extremely helpful. Also this could possibly help people 2-4 man FL with ease.


In the space where you fight with Flame Leviathan, its a sort of square shape.In the top right corner there is save spot – just run in towards the column’s left side into the corner and you’ll run a bit into the wall texture.


when your into the corner/wall texture:

1) Flame Leviathan will never aggro/start chasing you.

2) Lighting columns from HM towers will never reach this spot.

3) Flame Leviathan Jets won’t hit you.

4) Freya’s Tower mobs won’t reach you if they haven’t followed you before. If they did just knock them back when they come close and then they will just stand in fornt of you doing nothing.


There’s only one problem – when all vehicles are in this spot FL chases nobody, but instead starts healing himself and soon after he resets. But there’s still many ways to use this exploit:

1) If most of your team wiped you can run in there to reset boss and avoid repairing bill.

2) If you’re doing HM and any vehicle is close to being destroyed it can hide there and wait till Overload – then join the fight and just before Overload end run back.


Here’s the place to go to:



I know most guilds have this on farm now but some people may want to try it to help with hard mode or defeating him with few people. Me and my guild found this out last week so i hope it can help some of you

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