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[GUIDE]Guide Tauren Chieftain

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Since ancient times it has been prophesized by the Tauren elders that a Chieftain will come, strong as the mightiest warriors and wise as the eldest shamans. After many years of wandering the sacred lands, seeking wisdom from his forefathers, Cairne Bloodhoof has proven himself as the long awaited hero. Cairne carries with him the spirit of his mightiest ancestor, and now the ground shakes with the combined strength of the Chieftain and his guardian spirit. No physical nor magical barrier can reduce the power of his enchanted halberd, the weapon used by his guardian in ancient times. Such is the power of this axe that it can split the very earth itself. Seeking revenge for the ravaging of his homeland, Cairne will soon bring his wrath upon the Scourge.



Base Stats

Strength: 24 + 2.7

Agility: 14 + 1.5

Intelligence: 23 + 1.6


Attack Range: 150

Movement Speed: 300



Cast Point 0.4

Attack Point 0.35

Hero Class: Strength[/c







Echo Stomp Calls upon the spirit of his ancestors to join him in an earth-shattering echo, rendering nearby foes unconcious. The spirit and Tauren Chieftain both deal 80 damage in the area, the Spirit dealing magical damage and the physical form dealing physical damage. Unconscious enemies will wake if they get hit. If the spirit is seperated from you, it will still perform its part of the spell.



Physical Damage: 80

Magical Damage: 80

Channel Time: 1.4 seconds

AOE: 500

Knockout duration: 2/3/4/5 seconds

Manacost: 100/115/130/145

Cooldown: 15



Ancestral Spirit


Magical Damage: 120/160/200/240

AOE: 275


Damage per creep: 3/6/9/12

movement speed per creep: 1%

Danage per hero: 10/20/30/40

movement speed per hero: 5%


Cooldown: 19

Manacost: 110

Max Charge Time: 8



Natural Order


Passive.The Tauren Chieftain uses wisdom gathered throughout the ages to reduce everything to its most basic level. Removes base Magic and Physical resistance.


AOE: 250

Percentage nullification: 25%/50%/75%/100%



Earth Splitter  Using his mighty axe, the Tauren Chieften rends the very earth itself, sending a jagged crack under the feet of his enemies. After several seconds the earth implodes, sending his foes tumbling inwards. Any unit caught in the implosion will take damage based on their maximum life and have their speed slowed for a short time. Implodes after 3 seconds. Deals 35% of a unit's maximum HP.


Cast Range: 1600

Travel speed: 600 ms

Delay after maturity: 0.5 seconds

AOE: 350

Damage: 35% of each unit's maximum HP (half magical, half physical)

Slow Amount: 30/40/50%

Slow Duration: 3/4/5


Cooldown: 90/75/60

Manacost: 175


Skills Build

Lv 1 : Ancestral Spirit

Lv 2 : Echo Stomp

Lv 3 : Ancestral Spirit

Lv 4 : Echo Stomp

Lv 5 : AncestralSpirit

Lv 6 : Earth Splitter

Lv 7 : Ancestral Spirit

Lv 8-9 : Echo Stomp

Lv 10 : Natural Order

Lv 11 : EarthSplitter

Lv 12-14: Natural Order

Lv15: Stats

Lv 16: Earth Splitter

Lv 17-25: Stats



2x 7812-Bracers.gif



Tauren Chieftain is a versatile hero. At first, i thought he was like Earth Shaker (Raigor) who merely a spell caster. But after some games with him, i realize that he's more like Admiral/Kunkka. He has 3 active skills, but his DPS is high and his passive support this. With the bonus damage andmovement speed from Ancestral Spirit, you can kill lot of heroes in the process. To maximize this potential, i suggest Battlefury and Power Treads as the core items. The Treads will give you attack speed and moremovement speed to chase your opponent after your stun/slow. Battlefury is work nice as your spells is area and you will give huge damage at ease. Not to mention the mana regeneration.


Some Bracers for early last hitting and additional HP, if you farm well, you can skip this and buy Battlefury instead. Town Portal is a must to set a gank or helping team mates.














Start of with 2 Healing Salve and Circlets. Your main priority is to last hit/deny and aim for your Ring of Health immediately. If you have a stunner lane mate, try to aim some kill with Ancestral Spirit and Stomp combo. If you don't, you still can harrass with your Spirit. Get your ulti as fast as possible.


After getting your RoH, you are hardly to harass and can stay a long time in the line. Aim your Void Stone to make Perseverance. After getting your boots and maybe some bracers, start ganking. With Spirit + Stomp combo and a decent team mate, you will likely net a kill. Start with Spirit and place it on the middle of your enemy. Immediately Stomp, only blinker enemy can evade this. While your enemies still sleep, use your ulti if you have it. Then go near him and finish it with your mate. Remember if a hero attack him, he will wake up. So think twice before attack the sleep enemies.


In the team fight, if you have a initiator(Ex: Magnus, Earthshaker, Tidehunter, Enigma), cast Earth Splitter as soon as your friend inits. If you don't have it, place Ancestral Spirit into the middle of your enemies (the distance you can cast the spirit is further than Blink Dagger range!). Cast Echo Stomp and continue with Earth Splitter. After that, start roaming with your Battlefury and the bonus movement speed. It's not strange to hear Triple Kill from Tauren in this version. So, before he got nerfed, enjoy your time ;)




CREDITS : http://www.dota-blog.co m

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