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[Discussion]So what do you think personally about new heroes?


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Best player is Nightcrawler. Basically I haven't choose AA yet but I really like Nightcrawler.


The items he need is. Boots(Simple one[boots of speed, gloves of haste, giant belt]), 1 or 2 vanguards, vladimirs, monkey kingbar, battlefury and assault.

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Ok,let me say something about the new heroes,as I was playing with them (as enemy,as ally,as owner)


1.Murlock The NightCrawler :

Everyone thinks he is overpowered because of his huge regeneration and speed with his ulti.I want to mention that he can be easily killed with a stunner or an int player.If your enemies are not so clever to take advantage his disadvantages they will be easily killed by you!

I have done Ultra kills and Beyond Godlike with this player,but also I have failed sometimes to play correctly due my enemies spammed me their stuns and powerful skills(badly affected by silence )


2.The new int ( Frozen or something xD )

I have to say that this hero is very good slower and removes magic resistance from other heroes!This makes him a support hero and a good stealer,as with his ulti he can kill easily someone who escaped from his range ;)


Have Fun playing them,but I think dotA 6.65b will be released soon with more balances



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i don't like the new heroes that much :(


nightcrawler: i don't like his model AT ALL. it sux! also the skills a bit too inbalanced but his health is sooo low


AA: pretty awesome, reminds me of rylai a bit too much and also his ulti is pretty damn imba :P

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well i played nightcrawl today reached 17-4 in the end

i abused his power a little with a build of mine




cranium basher

butterfly in the end...  the key combo i was using was pounce,madness on,shadow dance on..considering the ms of shadow dance and the as and ms of madness,i could kill someone before shadow dance ended...generally he is a good hero

too vulnerable though at silences,stuns..and he gets serious problems from massive aoe nukes..

generally though his perma ms and reg when others cant see u is pretty darn overpowered..was going to fountain only for my mana..nothing else..

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