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interlude [Interlude L2J] L][Addicted 1000x 45x


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PVP Server - Addicted 1000x:


Experience - 1000x

Adena - 1000x

SP - 1000x

Safe - 3

Max - 16

Rate - 70%

Bleesed scrool rate - 100%

3 Farm Zones:1-Newbie player zone , 2,3-Farm and PvP

Full GM Shop

Custom Buffers:Scheme buffer and more

PvP Colour System

Augment skill 99% Chance

Lots of PVP and Fun


Mid rate server Addicted 45x


Experience - 45x

SP - 45x

Party XP - 2x

Adena - 250x

Safe - 3

Max - 16

Rate - 50%

No subclass Quest

Nobless Quest Required

All Buffs 1 Hour

Economy Based On Ancient Adena and Adena

Custom Farm Zone For AA

Full GM Shop With Non SA Wepons And Sealed S Grade Armors


Website : www.l2addicted.com

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Jeez, you have 172 posts and still don't know how to post a server.


He is not the poster ^^ Look a bit.


Going to try it, btw blessed scrolls? Are there any? How to obtain them?

Daily online?

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in shop is only some rb jwls (core ring,queent ant,earing of orfen,antharas and zaken) and for baium and valaks u need kill rb .. but rb is with lowest stats than official)


What server we are talking about here? Lowrate? Cause on Highrate there arent RB jewelery in GM shop, theres a special NPC who sells them for 180 Tree branches (correct my spelling if its wrong) i think... PS Mobs drop 2 per kill!

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    • Better use an active fork or L2J itself and join their community (generally, each project got at least a Discord) - you will generally find dedicated ppl to answer your questions. About practicing, as I said, you have to at least understand Java OOP concepts (mandatory, will help you a lot to understand what you exactly do - if not, you will eventually guess it after 2-3 months). You should apply manually customs (adapting them from one project to another is even better, since it forces you to seek through files). Start with basic customs, few lines max. Then raise the difficulty with more advanced customs. In the meantime, try to modify them for your needs or experiment. It's really annoying and hard to apprehend for a newbie, but you should also read and understand about git/svn (version control systems). Those systems allow you to generate "restore points" everytime you commit in your project, allowing you to eventually revert back. It will be extremely useful once you do crap. Gitlab / github (GIT technology) is the way to go those days, but SVN is really fine (and easier to use, since more basic) if you work alone. Try even with a non Java project, it's not important, from the moment you understand how to generate such a repository, commit over it, and be able to revert back. If you don't use such system, your project will eventually break one day, and you won't be able to revert what you did. That's basically how I lost my first Java project, back in 2010.
    • nice settings etc but no online and this gathering today was the worst gathering in history of lineage 2.  
    • Is it possible to be adapted for H5 on Sunrise?  What about that window? Is the auto hunt bar stuck on it?
    • The download link is down.   I know a guy who can sell it super cheap (files+source) Discord: darktechx or DarkTech#0041    
    • Back in the days we had l2robot. It was specially designed to spam F1-F12 only over the l2 game window, so you could minimize the game and still keep the so called bot running.  After the new anti - boting services came up i  couldn't inject it to the l2.exe process anymore. You never know... give it a try:   Screenshot:     Download Link (tested and working, without password on the rar): https://www.4shared.com/s/f4WXcQIwGge YouTuBe Video with instructions how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypVN3pucmvM Good luck!  
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