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[Req]Looking for coemdy


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does have sex :D

Nah..Come on,I've seen it more than twice on novacinema channels and it does not have something that you'll need to be 18+ years old to watch(leme tr)!

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I am looking for a comedy movie for a party today..

I dont want to have sex etc in it because its for school thx

comedy with no pot? no sex? hmmm let me thing...


From 2009:

1st) 'Zombieland'

2nd) The hangover there is no sex as i remember.

3rd) The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

4th) World's Greatest Dad

5th) 17 again


i cant thing of more right now xD

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If you mean this one then +1!


Hahahaha! Is there any links i can watch this online like on MegaVideo or somethin'?

By the way, yeah, there is no contest for +18. There are no movies w/o sex (j/k) ^^

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OmG U school suck ... :P

At my school we were watching American Pie, 8 Mile (with Eminem)

Galerianki ( PL movie ) Show 15 years old and they sell for things like jeans, phone and other haha ^^

There is text like this "If u buy me jeans i'll suck u'r cock" smth like that ... ^^

Anyway watch movie "RRRrrr" smth like that :P Its old but funny ^^ xD

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