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[Discussion] About Town war event

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Vago once made a town war event.. it was pritty simple maybe alittle unstable too..

I wanna make one this days and i never did smth like this before so i dont know what feautures to have..


I was thinking to make it even part instanced so new comers don't get caught in the crossfire.. and also to make it more accessable like a normal event.. so it can be started by gm,

and by config.. starting at an amount of time or at specific hours...


What do you think?


Post here and let me know your ideas.. and you may see ur request in the event later on today or tomorrow ^^



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Mainly Town War is working as:


The system choose a random town and makes it a PvP Area. If you've signed it port you there and you start the combat. The town shouldn't be accessible if you're not signed in. Also should port all other players in safe place till the event is running. The event winner is the player that made most kills. I would suggest:


- You add a system that smart buff.

- Also a way to notice who's the player that killed most,like he'll have his head big or something.

- You get reward for each kill and 3x reward for the player on top.

- I would suggest you to disable potions and so on but make elixirs drops in random areas inside town so i can for example heal myself and take a buff (if it will be no buff).

- You can't go outside town.

- If you're inactive for 30 seconds you're kicked from the event.

- Special AI Guards,like Town guards that will try to capture the player with most kills.


If i think something more i'll add. Hope i've helped you ;]

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easier way for access make a copy from siege state of the town and set it to the town while its in war state and set it off when event ends

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yea.. thats a thing.. but mostly keepping the code clean and efficient is my target.. copying something else i didnt mess with before would just give me head akes...


And Flower about the thing with other players being teleported to other places... thats what i was saying about instances...


The descripption of an instance is: An instance is another dimension like in the univers :D players with other instances dont get added to an objects knowlist.. resulting that the player with a diferent instance id cant be seen by a diferent instance.. and the other way arround :P


So you sayd that other players should be telepoprted to another safe place.. well i was thinking what if we create a new instance and the players registred on the event get teleported in that instance :D so others can continue there stuff in towns ^^

I like most of the ideas... but i dont like the one with town guards... i mean its to advanced.. and maybe not worth my time.. if im getting leached :P


But the rest of the ideas sounds gr8 ima use them ^^


Anyone else wanna share there thoughts?

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I was thinking to make it even part instanced so new comers don't get caught in the crossfire..

I'd like to see this being configurable (true or false)


If it's set true: I think it'd also be good if non-participating players can see others get owned etc., if it's not too hard to make it so that they can't interfere in any way(?) (like mogo suggests)


I like Flowers ideas of disadvantaging the player(s) with most kills (if more are tied), that'd make it way more a challenge.


I also had this idea, for any event it could be actually, it could sound a bit strange ^^:

A system where during the event items get spawned randomly; sort of Shadow items, so they can be used only during the event. These items are either very strong or useful, so like a 8 sec invincibility potion, or a sword that is a bit stronger than the best buyable. Don't know if this feature is hard to make; i'd say around each minute or 40 seconds something drops an item from a configurable list of items, at a random place in the area. hmm, perhaps you/someone could make it some other time ^^


Make a config for a permanent Noblesse; it is really disadvantaging the Fighters that they need to cast Noblesse, and can get hit (or even interrupted) imo.



hmm, perhaps I'll think of more later in the afternoon :) Good luck coding and thanks already

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You could make :

.twjoin to join event :P

.twleave to leave event :)

Only players who joined event can be killed in towns...

Instantly when you join event,you'll get buffs ;D

Players will get 35+ Speed :P and 3k more HP :)

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LauQ everything can be made on l2j simple.. every class has a constuctor and our fellow developers since 2004 made l2j to be very accessable :P

and to make smth randomly spawn is easy and we need a point.. or do some hard core Math to spawn the items on diferent location inside a zone.


I like the ideas.. and ill make it instanced in configs.. and the players that dont pariticipate they can watch the show.. but cant interfire with the game play :P

Its quite very easy ^^


Thanks Lauq.



Thats kinda difernet from an original TW and its easy to add those changes alone :P



Anymore ideas? before i start codeing it?:P

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