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[HELP] L2Walker for l2chronicleserver

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token was suppose to be the above, THIS AINT SPAM I'm w8ing for someone to help me for A LONG TIME as you can see this post is 2 months old, not to mention I made one a long time ago aswell but noone wants to help so I'm bumping the thread like every 3 days, NO EVERY day so the thread you be on top and someone would see it and help us so this aint spam, I'we been w8ing for more than 2 months now and dont give me the bullshit then you shoulda help yourself cuz I cant script, I tryed to learn but failed since I have no idea where to learn ( tryed that delphi stuff from botter+ but no success...) + I cant be on my comp 100% of the time to learn

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i get this using the l2 gold method 20:47:33 WP v5.04F © Sauron

20:47:33 Link LoginServer Succeed.

20:47:38 Login LoginServer Succeed.

20:47:38 服务器[02]当前在线率:51.50%,能否登陆:能

20:47:43 Link GameServer Succeed.

20:47:43 ->Login GameServer Fail.

20:47:45 WP v5.04F © Sauron

20:47:45 Link LoginServer Succeed.

20:47:46 The account is already in use. Access denied.

20:47:46 ->Login LoginServer Fail.

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