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[html javascript, HELP]


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hi guys i want to add to my website a nice Countdown clock like  :  x days x hours x minutes x seconds


till my server is going LIVE


i googled 3 days  but i found some shits that have Advertising their sites and most of theme Sucks !


i want something that goes with my website : www.l2sa.gr


can any one help me ?



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<script language="JavaScript">
TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";
BackColor = "null";
ForeColor = "darkblue";
CountActive = true;
CountStepper = -1;
LeadingZero = true;
DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.";
FinishMessage = "Server is finally Open.";
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://scripts.hashemian.com/js/countdown.js"></script>

you will edit Target Date, background and foreground color, also you can edit and the msg when the countdown will end.


here is a demo for you by me:



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you can edit it in notepad. Copy and paste this script in notepad. After change settings like date( 5 line), backround color (6 line), letters color( 7 line), the messege that will pop out when the count finish (12 line). Also you can test it if you save it by notepad as anything.html . Double click on it and your selected explorer will open it and you will see what you do. Simple :P

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