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[Help]Converting demos..

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freeze it on 0:52 and tell me which program is this (:


A 3D Program? o.O

I don;t know all the 3D Programs that are out there..

There are thousands, but the most known are C4D, 3DS Max and one more I can't remember atm!

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<3 InfProd



- made by kyle.m4v

- 37:43 in length

- 617 mb (don't worry, I explain ALOT in this tutorial)

- requires both 3DS Max and Cinema 4D

- requires both of my 3D Packs



DOWNLOAD Players for 3DS Max



An extremely long, but also very informative tutorial on how to create a solid animation in 3DS Max, as well rendering out a background in Cinema 4D. However, this tutorial also contains information for many other features, such as the following...


- Basic material editing in 3DS Max

- Enhancing the preview window to make the bones more visible

- Render settings for both 3DS Max, as well as Cinema 4D

- Animation Techniques

- Tips for Cleaner Animations

- Rigging weapons for easing animation

- Importing and exporting to interchange with both 3DS Max and Cinema 4D

- Render "effects" in Cinema 4D

- Time Controls in 3DS Max

- and much more!



Anyone that needs them, download them =)


It have quite good speed, im downloading with 850kb/s

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Topic Title Edited..


Follow the rules of cs support section..


I think you found a way..Topic Locked..If you want something just pm me..or a member of the staff .

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