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Chance of beging banned On retail!

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hi I played L2 retail from Beta til IL with up to 4 accounts full botting from 60- 78/79 when i left retail.

This is how it works

1. be anonymous (no Clan, dont ever shout and make others hating u)

2. use INGAME L2W and watch the chars/client as often as u can. Use Spots with no Farmers (there are special Farmer/Botplaces to FARM items) try to be "alone".

3. Know how to setup L2W... f.i no autorezz, use auto-log off when ur char is dead and there are like 10 Musts for L2W adjustment)

4. Buy very cheap Accounts at min level 61 for like 50$ with some equipment...starting form zero is a pain in the ass. I heard from friends selling accounts at 100 US$ lvl 76 imagine even with botting u need a lot of time to reach 75 (abt 2-3 months)

5 Choose ur Char clever single botting is impossible, so u need like 2 DD and 2 supporters for a Party(PP+SWS fpr daggers and archers or SE + BD for Nukers)

6. Choose the right Server EU= TEON FRANZ + LUNA (this is latest Server)

all in all i suggest no one to play retail, its fucked up from long time ago because NC was more interested to feature GuildWars and now AION.. And yes ,both suck even more than L2.

I hope the freeshard owners understand that they must behave PROFESSIONAL and then they can grow ther community like retail .. this needs atleast 12 months and very good GMs + clever Owner...

In the meantiem i jump from High Rate to Highrate and have some hours fun per week. I wont invest 50 hrs/week for gaming like i did in C3 and C4 times....i leveld all chars without BOT for abt 2 years

OMG i was so stupid...

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