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hellbound [Gracia CT2.2 L2J] L2 Beyond +BOT INFO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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[glow=red,2,300]Hi guys this is l2 Beyond: http://beyond.lt[/glow]

Server will start with these rates: EXP x6, SP x6, Adena x7, Spoil x10, Drop x10.


For server start be ready to use Gracia Part 2 game client, later (after server start) as we’ll be planning to move to Gracia Final game client – we’ll inform you in advance, that you would have enough time to download new game client and other required files.


As you probably know, from September 28th till November 6th in server Chaos Mode is turned on with increased x100 rates. During this time we’re and we’ll still be fixing game bugs with Your help, so we still hope your understanding throughout this period and you’ll willingly continue informing us about any errors/bugs by e-mail or in forum.


Server will fully support:

- New Castles and Fortresses.

- All new items, including S80, agathions, bracelets, talismans, etc.

- Clan system, Clan skills and other clan features.

- Offline trading system.

- Skill Certification system, Divine and ordinary transformations.

- Cursed Zariche and Akamanah weapons system.

- Weapons Augmentation system.

- Kamaels race: skills, 3rd classes, sub-classes, nobless, participation to olympiad, acquiring hero status, etc.

- New quests and raid-bosses.

- New territories, icluding Pagan Temple, Crystal Cavern, Primeval Isle, Isle of Prayer, Hellbound Isle and more…


Our target is to make server as much as possible identical to official Lineage 2 servers, so be sure that all skills and quests shall work as in official servers.


Beyond World server is one of the most famous server in Lithuania[/glow] and we want to share our world with players from other countries. For this purpose we have upgraded our network security so we have stable internet connection 24/7 even during DDoS attacks.


[glow=red,2,300]Some "BONUS" from me to MxC members for this serv:

Use L2net latest verison


beyond info in case anyone need it:[/glow]

token 5D5C7A7D70777253312E697C582D714C

login ip

login port 8685

protocol same as bfdr 831

Login whit l2net select ct1.5 (so you can see the items in game) and happy botting on beyond

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