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[Hellbound L2OFF] L2Renewal

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L2 Renewal

Yes, L2renewal is back with Hellbound Client, enjoy:




Full Hellbound OFFICIAL server

100x Experience Rate

100x SkillPoint Rate

250x Adena Rate

10x Drop Chance Rate

1x Drop Amount

10x Spoil rate

2x Spoil Amount




NPC Buffer

Buffs, dances, songs and prophecies are 3 hours


Community: 900+

Custom farming system

Kamael race and skills working including traps and all others skills

Debuff bar and dance & song bar working

Talisman system is working

Hellbound certification skill working

Agathions and Hellbound pets like Fenirs are working

Hellbound Olympiad System

Offline shopping system

DDOS protection system ( by Sawk )

Active staff

Fair donations

Hardware informations:


Processor : 2x4x 2.66+ GHz Intel Xeon W3520 (i7 xeon technology)

Memory : 12 Go DDR3

Hard drives : Intel SSD X25-M 2x 80 Go RAID 1

1 Gbps IN/OUT public link

Private Firewall : Cisco ASA 5550

The server is located in europe in the best French datacenter

L2-Renewal has always provided 99.9% uptime and great stability, you will not experience downtime or lags here , it's our policy.



If you wish to discover a new kind of gaming with a competent and experienced staff , join us , you wont regret it.




Edit: Right now server is down cuz it is in restart.


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Renewal ?

With AccuSync as Admin and Lolipop ;P

Yes good i will join for sure but watch for lolipop - corrupted xD


@Edit: ahh i wrong i think ... thats different srv ... :P Well Good Luck with it ... :) I was going to join but Hellbound ;O =((

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Renewal was and is a great server. I was playing in the previus one and I had the best memories from it.

Also, Sawk is a great L2OFF Dev too, and right now he is the only one that have the server.


Server is good for HB lovers, I am not. But I hightly reccomend you to play here !



PS: @Jimaras22 I am not the f**ing Developer omg.

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I think my clan from old L2Forever will start there, and this will be the last server that will play.

I got a pm from the clan leader, waiting respond from others

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  • 2 weeks later...

I started the server..;) I think it's amazing..


Name : OutOfControL

Clan Name : OOC

Clan : Created Today . Be sure that the clan will be the best..I just want some support .. Thnk you..Pm me ingame to join the clan..;)

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