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[Gracia CT2.2 L2J] L2Desperion Gr


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This is the Desperion Gameserver configuration






Server IP:

Xp Rate: 100x

Sp Rate: 100x

Adena Rate: 3000x

Party Xp Rate: 2x

Party Sp Rate: 2x

RateConsumableCost = 1

RateDropItems = 20

RateRaidDropItems = 10

RateDropSpoil = 40

RateDropManor = 3

RateExtractFish = 5

RateQuestsReward = 3

RateKarmaExpLost = 1

RateSiegeGuardsPrice = 5




Normal Enchant Scrolls Rate:

Weapon: 66%

Armor/Jewels: 66%

EnchantChanceElement = 50%

Blessed Enchant Scrolls Rate:

Weapon: 75%

Armor/Jewels: 75%

Safe Enchant for weapons is +5 and armor/jewels +6

Max enchant for weapon is +16 and armor/jewel +20


RateVitalityLevel1 = 1.5

RateVitalityLevel2 = 2

RateVitalityLevel3 = 2.5

RateVitalityLevel4 = 3


RateCommonHerbs = 15

RateHpMpHerbs = 10

RateGreaterHerbs = 4

RateSuperiorHerbs = 0.8

RateSpecialHerbs = 0.2

RateVitalityHerbs = 2


Delevel = True

AltWeightLimit = 5

RunSpeedBoost = 10


#Chance of receiving the Death Penalty debuff when killed by a mob.

DeathPenaltyChance = 20


# Percent of HP, MP, and CP which is restored on character revival.

RespawnRestoreCP = 0

RespawnRestoreHP = 70

RespawnRestoreMP = 70


Buff Duration = 1 hour

SkillReuse = like Retail

AutoLearnSkills active

No AutoLootHerbs


Maxbuffamount = 20

Maxdanceamount = 12

# Remember that Divine Inspiration will give players 4 additional buff slots

No AutoLearnDivineInspiration Like Retail


PlayerFakeDeathUpProtection  5 sec

Active managers for changing occupation without any quests and item

Then character reach levels 20,40,76 he will receive tutorial page

Require life crystal needed to learn clan skills

No Require spell book needed to learn skills

Require book needed to enchant skills

Require spell book needed to learn Divine Inspiration

Allow player to sub-class without checking for unique quest items

Not Allow player to add/change subclass at all village master only native villages

Vitality system Enabled


# Maximum character running speed.

MaxRunSpeed = 250

# Maximum character Physical Critical Rate. (10 = 1%)

MaxPCritRate = 500

# Maximum character Magic Critical Rate. (10 = 1%)

MaxMCritRate = 200

# Maximum character Attack Speed.

MaxPAtkSpeed = 1500

# Maximum character Cast Speed.

MaxMAtkSpeed = 1999

# Maximum character Evasion.

MaxEvasion = 200

# Maximum number of allowed subclasses for every player.

MaxSubclass = 3

# Maximum subclass level.

MaxSubclassLevel = 80


These control the chance to get a skill in the augmentation process

AugmentationNGSkillChance = 15%

AugmentationMidSkillChance = 30%

AugmentationHighSkillChance = 45%

AugmentationTopSkillChance = 60%


The maximum number of Fame points a player can have is 50.000

Crafting enabled

Starting Adena = 1.000.000

/unstuck  command - UnstuckInterval = 200 sec

PlayerSpawnProtection = 30 sec

Champion Mob System Enabled

TvTEvent System Enabled

Times TvT will occur (24h format)   9:00,15:00,21:00,3:00

During TvT event use command: .tvt

Warehouse Sorting Enabled

Mana Drugs/Potions

Freight Enabled

Lottery Prize = adena

Olympiad Start Time in Military hours Default 6pm (18)

Jail is a PvP zone

Offline trade/craft system enabled, simple put your trade/craft store and simply Disconnect from server.

#Banking System Enabled



#Wedding System Enabled

Commands: .gotolove nameofyourpartner

Default Player punishment from the system  for illegal actions is kick player


Server Restarts every 24 hours

Server Back up one time a week

Server  Update new revision and fix of bugs one time every month.

No delete for inactive users

No wipes

No Donatios



Extra on server you will find:

Iason Npc with many items

Special Action Manager that perform Buff/Buff Pet - Shop - Global teleport

Npc only for Buff's and feature that you can create your list of buff and save them

Special Npc with various teleport destination and special Raid Boss Teleport.

Top Pk/PvP server player list Npc near every Olympiad monument

This is many of our server setting in game you can discover more...

Just Join And Test It!!!

WebSite: http://l2desperion.com/

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