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[Tutorial]Creating Sky,Doors,Breakable material and sum tricks for Hammer Editor


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Hi everybody =]


Today I'm going to show you some basic things you should know about Hammer Editor and

Counter Strike Source mapping.


First of all if you don't know how to use this program follow this guide : Introduction To Hammer Editor


So, Lets begin.


The first thing you have to do is make a new map :




Now use the block tool by clicking it or pressing shitft + B.


Create a box that should look like this :




When you finish with the box, add it some texture.


Click the box with this tool jjbxislx6m6xlcnoeewa_thumb.jpg and then click shift + a.


This menu will appear :




When this menu appears click browse :




When you click browse a variaty of textures that you can apply is going to appear.

Select one.(I personaly type on search "wall" and I put a brick wall for my box texture)


When you find a texture double click it and then click "Apply".


Now, use the camera tool so you can see your box on the camera window.

How do you do it?It is simple.Click the camera tool kukovk9vua4ijkwtrd9h_thumb.jpg and then go to your top left window.

Hold click and make a line that that shows your box.


If you done everything right till now your map should something like this :


width=1024 height=640http://www.imageshack.gr/files/iuy5w79okoda76qgir84.jpg[/img]


Now you must use the clipping tool.You can use it by clicking it or by pressing shift+X.




Here is a short video of how you should use the clipping tool and how you can make a box hollow :





*I'm Sorry for the Sound quality*


Well, Now that you understand some of the basics I will show you how to make a Hollow Room,Doors,Breakable Material and a cool trick to be more percise

with frame working.


Making the Sky







Making Doors,Buttons + 2 tricks






Breakable Matterial






Now you save the map.

Run the map by clicking F9 and your map is ready.


I hope you learned something from me :P


Well ... Have fun mapping =]


Guide by me (That it is why it looks kinda bad sorry :P)


PS:I'm really sorry for the mic quality... You can put it lowder and you will understand.


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