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[SHARE] IG walker working on RPG-CLUB

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It ain't workin . simple reason you can't run a game avoiding the auto-update and check files, secondly even if you try processing walker through updater it just get's killed.


I surfed some russian forums and still they can't find the solution yet. they got a good antibot and till we get through it we won't be able to bot. I got L2Net oog on it workin , but with errors, such as no auto targeting and even if you target any npc by hand you just get d/c or the bot crashes... So atm bot ain't workin there. :-\


lol dude,atm im botting there with neo1993k's stuff.

if u want to get rid of auto updater,just rename it.

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hmm i select attack mobs in 600 range and i push end button  my character should attack nearby mobs ? bcuz nothing happens. Can some1 post screenshots of your settings ? the only thing i can use is chat spamm ...

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