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Nessaj,the Chaos Knight by Noble®

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first i want to say that all notes,comments,sentences and guides i post are 100% written by me(Noble®) and only me! if you wish to post a part or full of this guide to other forums consider giving the proper credits to Noble®(i m against c(L)opy - pasting so dont humiliate yourself by just copying my job


My goal here i re-mention it is to make you discover the potential of every hero i write about,not to make you uber imbas.you need to practise in many many pubs in order to play right a Dota Hero!




Nessaj , The Chaos Knight




A disciple of Mithras, the God of Chaos, Nessaj has utilized the powers bestowed upon him to further the cause of Chaos and Evil. He stands opposed with all his might against the powers of Order and Good. He uses his ability to call upon chaotic energy to damage and stun an enemy for a random length of time in conjunction with his power to rip holes in space to instantly strike down all that stand against him. His powers culminate into the terrifying Phantasm, creating avatars of himself who do full damage to all those who oppose him, confusing the battlefield and wreaking havoc amongst the forces of Good.


Starting Stats


Strength   21

Agility 14

Intelligence 16


###Choose Nessaj because:###

1)He is the most powerful melee STR hero

2)He can escape(Blink),Illusions(Phantasm)

3)He can chase easily(Blink)

4)Random Stunner

5)Great pusher



###Avoid playing Nessaj because###


1)he is an average difficulty hero for newbies

2)might need some babysitting until 6 level

3)he is riding a pony...

4)Luck dependable

5)unstable damage difference

6)EXTREMELY Limited items selection


Skill Explanation/Introduction



Chaos Bolt


A mysterious energy bolt is thrown at an enemy. It stuns for a random amount of time. Deals random damage between 1-200.


Level 1 - 1-2 seconds.

Level 2 - 1-3 seconds.

Level 3 - 1-4 seconds.

Level 4 - 2-4 seconds.


Cooldown: 10 seconds.


Comment:Thats the gang initiation and some times it could turn as the gang finisher.the big disadvantage of this skill is that depends mostly on luck.it deals random damage between 1-200 as well as it deals stun between 1-4 seconds. this means that you could never be sure about the damage output on every use


Blink Strike


Teleports to a unit and strikes it if it is a foe, dealing bonus damage.

Costs 50 mana.


Level 1 - deals 30 extra damage.

Level 2 - deals 60 extra damage.

Level 3 - deals 90 extra damage.

Level 4 - deals 120 extra damage.


Cooldown: 30/20/10/5 seconds.


Comment:the most common skill in dota heroes.blink strike is currently used by Rikimaru,Morted and Nessaj.All 3 heroes share the same ability and has no difference.The ultimate chasing skill. as you level up the cooldown decreases and it can be spammed later for finishing your enemies. also 50 mp cost is way too few



Critical Strike(Passive)


Nessaj's mojo gives him a chance to deal bonus damage.


Level 1 - 11% chance, 1.5 times normal damage.

Level 2 - 11% chance, 2 times normal damage.

Level 3 - 11% chance, 2.5 times normal damage.

Level 4 - 11% chance, 3 times normal damage.


Comment:CC gives you 11% chance to make 1.5 to 3 times your base damage.





Summons several copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions. The illusions deal full damage, but take extra damage.

Lasts 20 seconds.


Level 1 - Summons 1 Image, takes 200% normal damage.

Level 2 - Summons 2 Images, takes 200% normal damage.

Level 3 - Summons 3 Images, takes 200% normal damage.


Cooldown: 180 seconds.


Comment:the ultimate late game skill.when maxed at 16lvl it ll be like fighting 4 nessajs together!!!!Pretty good and of course it is fully compatible with your damage output.suffice to say that all Chaos knight skills are easy and understandable.i found it weird too that i was making such few comments


Skill build(Personal)













Attributes Bonus


Atrributes bonus



Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus

Atrributes bonus


I max out Blink strike first and stun later by getting phantasm whenever available.critical chance is maxed out later whenever your damage will be higher due to STRENGTH raises.you also might want to leave critical chance for 20lvl and after but thats your choice clearly...

ITEM builds



in this case i choose Treads cuz STR is vital for Nessaj power and survaval and BoTs can be chosen only as alternative...



STR bonus,HP bonus, HP regen. a must for a dps/tank like Nessaj



an expensive (mostly luxury) item but gets the job done for you ^^



DPS weapon. compatible and useful for nessaj.one of the few weapons nessaj can really carry with him


29vm8lk.gif OR i2ituc.gif OR 2uqc87c.gif

cant say that is the best item for nessaj since you cant combine the 2 armor reductions with assault cuirass but surely the damage is good about the 2 left its up to you to decide regarding your enemies gameplay but stronlgy advising going for BkB




2afenab.jpg & fara53.jpg

never ever a mirror image hero uses Lifestealing items. :D they betray who is the real hero to fight with.


you have blink


Images DONT cleave!


for me quit dota if you ever buy Lothars on Nessaj^^



the others are completely neutral / unneeded items. there is no need to upload the whole DotA databse just to reject them ^^ :P


Real bad enemies but so good allies



Mana Burners


they burn our mana so we are unable in early games to easily control our lanes but can harass other guy mana as well :P


Rootfellen for his living armor and his ability to be tank can make a great team in a line.as a foe you ll have a hard time with him as his healing ability(living armor) along with his hide n seek near his tower makes your lane a difficult one.


as allies they make a great line push but as foes you might need an assistance.necrolyte is good but not that much.only minor helps but fragile



You will probably win at 90% rate against


techies!with  such a pressure many of them if they think smart  will just suicide to avoid losing gold and exp to you


Careful not to break the eggs! Razor is very fragile he should be an easy prey to your hunger


same as razor :D


weak just weak :P

You will lose for sure


his Arcane Orb and Sanity's Eclipse will pawn the images and nessaj  for sure no matter if you have 5 lvl difference!you cant just win....change line



Line control


tower hug until 7-8 lvl and try not to die until then but at least last hit or deny creeps.nessaj is doing well when he is not dead on those levels as he gets pretty strong later. preferable line for sents is bottom and upper for scourge where the tower advantage is obvious.avoid at any cost destroyer and traxex


that guide is out of competition DotA Contest #2. it was just for fun ^^ :P

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Verry Nice guide Noble!

For me, Nessaj is a killer...Illusions can easily take a kill.

But,I never get ulty at 6 lvl...

Look why?

Stun costs : 140 mana

Blink costs : 50 mana

Ulty costs 175 mana

365 mana, and nessaj has at 6 lvl...So I prefer get ulty at 8 or 9 lvl :D


f1245553125.jpg :D

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its the same to me..as wrote before it is a personal choice and nothing else

Ok :D I understund...

Good Job!!

Nessaj has x3 critical. and morted xas 4x ... The second biggest critical...

For me nessaj is like a second morted :D

And Welcome Back to Dota :D

will we see you on the next tournament?

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You can't rely on your illusions so much... The cooldown is big, and illusions are created for killing, because of their maximum damage, not as a mechanism to confuse your enemy... Vladimir's is an aoe, so it doesnt reveal you, and even if it does, why would you care? You get heart in your build so you can tank pretty much everything they throw at you.


I was surprised you didn't put S&Y in the item build. Nessaj has the highest MS in the DotA, if you combine it with BoT and S&Y he can easily get ~500 ms which is a great advantage , because it's like having a permanent haste rune on you.


Something else, I don't max out blink strike so early in the game. Level 2 is more than enough. Your MS is pretty high, so you don't need to constantly blink in and out, especially when you don't have critical. I'd say get it a couple of times, start increasing your crit (jee, it's similar to mortred's ulti and it's your third) and then get some stats, that boost both your hp and your mana.


A bottle at the lane is a good idea too..


PS. Mortred doesn't use blink strike anymore, it's called Phantom Strike and it 's better than nessaj's :P


Just my two cents ;p

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