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[EN, GR]Help!! [GR]K4rma des k esu


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[GR]aman re K4rma ase m na s apanthsw.. telos pantwn


[EN, GR] can someone give me the Links from SeeYaa's tutorials i searched and i didnt found 'em..




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Photoshop turials?

Simple ->GO photoshop misc section->And hit the "Started By" then you will see bucnh of topcis of each people,then just change pages you will find them.

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[GR]aman re K4rma ase m na s apanthsw.. telos pantwn



[EN, GR] can someone give me the Links from SeeYaa's tutorials i searched and i didnt found 'em..


The guide is here



But you can't see it... Is on Junkyard Posts

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The guide is here





But you can't see it... Is on Junkyard Posts


if its in Jankyard dnt post the link ^^

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There's the quote. But he reported it for junk so..get it from here:


What will be covered in this tutorial?


Some parts will be covered more than others but i will try to explain why i did things the way i did them and what is important about them.i think this could help alot in making your sigs,not only in this but also in other style,i think it is particularly important to get inside info on why things are done so you are not just copyng the steps to get to a result but getting there with your own inspiration and knowlegde now and in the future.Some of the indicated parts that will are covered seperately and others are explained in the part where we actually create sig.

So sit back,grab drink,relax and enjoy ;D


What will you need to complete this tutorial?

A render - Vector and abstract Brushes - C4Ds - Your own inspiration..


We will making sigs like the following:





Ok lest start on the tag.

Open a new document,i used 380x120.

Fill your first layer with white ( Alt-Backspace with white as foreground color ).

Then paste your render in on a new layer and resize it ( Ctrl-T with your render layer selected)

to what fits best in your opinion and move ( Press V to select the move tool ) your render to where you want it.Remember the power point we discussed earlier.

Then make a copy of your render layer ( Ctrl-J with the layer selected ) and place it underneath

your white base layer.I always do this so ive always got to backup o my resized render.

This is what i go so far:



Next search or some C4Ds than you think will go well with your sig and especially flow well.

This C4D will be placed underneath the render but i stared deliberately with the render to find a C4D that will flow with the render and not the other say around.


Ok place in your C4D on a new layer and move it to a good position and then move the layer underneath the render layer you can set the blending mode to whatever fits best. I used diference here because my C4D was light ant i wanted it to be reversed.Here is what i got:



When i stared to make this sig i decide to use purple and yellow for this sig so i would now want that light green to be light yellow.

To do so i selected the C4D layer and clicked the adjustment layer button underneath your layer palette and selected hue/saturation from the list and put the huse slider to -55




Create a new layer and put it uderneath your render. I hide and unhide the layer to see if how it looks.

Now take out your brush tool and brush some black around your C4D with a large soft brush and put that layer on about 20% opacity



Create a new layer and put it underneath your render.Now take out your brush tool and brush some white dots on the new layer. U can also use a light color from your render. Use the following settings ( I used a 9 to 13 px soft brush):



Then double click that layer so you get the layer styles window and give it an outer glow.



Create a new layer and put it underneath your render.Do the same as the last step but with a black 7px brush and only brush a little bit.



Create a new layer and put it underneath your render.Now find some nice abstract or vector brushes you think will fit well.For these brushes I used purple and yellow.Try to create new layers for every brush so you can easily change things if you decide you dont like something i created 10 layers with some abstract and vector brushing in my different colors underneath my render layer.

Here is what i got along the way.



Select your render layer and duplicate it and put the duplicated on top of everything and put it on linear dodge 46% i did this because my render was a bit too dark in my opinion.



Since my render is black and white i decide to give the eye a bit of color.You can add some color

to whatever part of your render you like.In my other example (the spiderman one) i didnt do this

Because it didnt seem necessary.Note that you can experiment with the brushing.experiment with the blending modes of the layers or types of brushes you use.alot of steps can be added or removed

it just depends on your sig.Remember tutorials are only a guideline got you to create things.You dont need to follow them exactly if you get things you dont like on your sig.


Anywayz back to the sig.I created another new layer and selected yellow as my foregroundcolor and used a very small soft brush to brush the eyes.Ive put this layer blending mode on linear dodge 100% and added an outer glow and an inner glow to layer styles of this layer.



I created a new layer and brushed some more on the eyes.i gave this layer an outer glow and inner glow in the layer styles and i put the blending mode on linear dodge.



Its getting to look better now.we could start on the coloring but the sig could still use something more.Search some nice C4Ds you think will fit and most important that will flow nice with the rest of the sig and will improve the overall flow.Place your C4D in a new layer,place it where you want it and erase the parts you dont want.i put this layer on hard light because it grave the best effect.You can experiment with the blending modes to whatever suits your sig best.



Next we are goin to add another C4D in this case i used the  same render but it can be nice to use different ones.Do the same as in the previous step and experiment with the blending modes and opacities.For the night C4D part you see in the next image i used the same layer 3 times on Soft-Light





Adding Some Lightning

Ok time for some lightning. i will do the lightning in a few steps.First i will add a little bit of lightning where i want my light to be shining in yellow.Then i will add some moew shining light in white and then a light source.And then well continue on to the text.Note that on the end of the sig well finish off the lightning with the lightning filter to make it look more realistic but thats for later.


So grab a 45 or 65 px soft brush with light yellow as your foregroundcolor and brush on spots where you want your light to shine.Put this layer on linear dodge and about 53% opacity.I marked the areas where i brushed the light with green.I just put small green dots so you can still see the difference.



Then take a 65 px soft brush with white or light grey as your foregroundcolor and brush the directions your light needs to be shining.Put this layer on linear dodge about 20-30%



Now take a 100 or 200px white soft brush and just brush once or twice where your light source should be.Leave it on normal and play with opacity whatever looks best.I used a 200px soft brush and left the opacity on 100





Adding Your Text

Ok time to add some text Why now and not at the end? because it will blend in better and it can help with finding a good place for the text .Ive got no trouble finding a good place here but in a lot of cases when your making a sig and keep the text for the end these is no more place to put it and it can be a real trouble You can even put your text on even earlier in the sig.A tag can look soo much better with good text but also soo much worse (got tips a while ago from ascillator on gsa and i remember like it was ysterday,Great tio imo!)


For your text,you do not want it taking all the attention off of the sig in many cases subtile text is the key,Only in some styles you want big and aggressive tekst.we dont want that here.Also be carefull with what font you choose again you dont want the attention to go off of your sig but you want your text to increase the feelin the sig is producing.Simple font are often the best to use.


Also a little decoration for your text can do wonders.May it just be some thin lines or whateverJust keep it subtile and in the same style as your sig.In some cases you can conceal it in a part of a C4D just play around till you fell it is good.


I would also generally advise to put it somewhere close to the render not far away on the sides so it doesnt distract your eyes from the focal point.In this case on the other hand i think the text fitted good on the side and does not distract your eyes from the focal point,it can also be harder to place the text close because of all the vectors and C4Ds around the render.





Adjustment Layers

Lest move on to the adjustment layers.These are so important.They will make your sig look good and give it an extra edge.When i stared PS i tried to get the right colors from the beginning but it is soo much harder to get everything to blend nice with each other.Adjustment layers will help you alot to do this,Nowadays it happens alot some parts look washed off but i fix all that with adjustment layers afterwards.When adding these to your sig you really have to experiment with different adjustment layers and different blending modes and opacitities and colors so that it fits your sig.

What might fit for one sig might not be so good fot another,it all depends on the colors you used etc.


Ok add a black and white gradient map and put it on multiply 20% opacity.Next add a default warning (orange) photofilter and put it on 50% opacity.Then add another photofilter (deep yellow) and put it on 50% opacity. Then add a gradient map (violet,green,orange) and put it on soft light 34% opacity.This gradient is one of the default gradients.Ofc you can experiment with different colors etc. Depending on your sig.







Finishing Touches

Next we are going to make it a little sharper.Create a new layer and go to image/aply image. Then goto Filter/sharpen/sharpen or filters/sharpen edges.

See what looks best. Put this layer on 30-60% opacity and erase parts that look too sharp.If necessary you can create another layer,apply your image again and take the sharpen or the blur tool to sharpen and blur parts that could use some tweaking.Blur parts that are further away to create a more realistic look.



Now we are goin to do a finishing touch on the lightning.Create a new layer and apply your image again,Then go to Filter/render/lightning Effects and experiment with the different possibilities so you get to knmow what you can do with it.ive put this layer on normal 32% opacity.Here are the settings i used:



Basicly just an omni located close to my focal point and lightning source.This will make your lightning look more realistic and make your tag look smoother.



At this time i noticed hat the eye on the right had something wrong and fixed it by adding a new layer and drawing some pixels with the pencil tool to get it right.Dont hesitate to put just a little more effort in fixing some details that could just give it that extra edge.



Next i wanted a bit more depth in my colors so lets work on that.i added a new gradient map (violet,orange) wich is also one of the default gradients and i put this layer on overlay 10%



Then create a new layer and apply your image again. go to Filter/blur/gaussaian blur and blur it at 1 or 2px and put this layer to overlay 20% or whatever suits best.



If necesary add a color balance layer and increase the contrast just a tiny bit and decrease the brightness a tiny bit or play around what suits best.



Optionally you can check out how your sig looks in b/w you like that.Just add a black and white gradient map.



Ok as the final step im goin to add border.i tried to add a thicker broder but i dint like loose any pixels at the sides so i applied my image created a new document that is a slightly bigger and filled the first layer with the color i was going to use for my border and copied the applied image from my image in there.For this one i think a light border suits best,you can also right click the title bar and select canvas size and increse it to any side you want.without streatching the rest of layers.



Here you go you have finish the tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed itand learned some new things.



The tutorial and tags are made by me: SeeYa


Thanks to!

Woqx on Color Theory wich has a great depth view on a lot of aspect on color

Phill Starub for his great tutorial on compositioning



Dedicate Tutorial

Blane,Morian,SoFaKi,CriticalError and for all the comunity of MaxCheaters.com





© MαsтєЯĐιsαsтєя™



© Morian



© WebM0nst3r



© † Sтяıκe™ †



© xKenji



© ]InfecteD[™



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