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[Interlude L2J]L2 Niovi *BETA 1 September* *New!*


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Server will not go online!Files are for publishing..

Im proud to present (finaly) our new server.It will go for a 2 months for sure ,if it goes well ,we will continue this project.

Its not hosted in a home pc ,we got a dedi machine ,with 8gb ram ,xeon processor and 1gbit uplink.



Joe : Server owner/Administrator

Lee : Server Developer/Administrator/Web coder


[Customized Stuff]

*Special PvP System!

*Killing spree system

*When you fight in arena ,it gives you 2 PvP points instead of nothing

*Secured subclass system & all subs are avaliable from only 1 npc

*Announcement when a castle lord login

*.cleanpk command !NOT IMPLENTED YET!

- Cleans your PK points

*.increasepvp command

- This command increases your PvP's by 20 if you have 1 Event Coin (obtained by event)

*Class balance *STILL APPROVING!*

*Custom Buff system

*Same IP's killing won't give any PvP points.

*DDoS protection.. and many more protections!

*L2Walker protection

*Some HP boosts to increase PvP fun & to prevent getting 1shotted .. :D

*When you create a character ,you are granted with noble status.

*Unique Clan War system

*PvP/PK Color System



[Custom Items]

*Vesper Noble Armors

-Edited and balanced stats!

*Monster Weapons

-15% better than normal S Grade weapons.

*Customized tattoo's

& more :]


[General Information]

*Exp/SP : 5000

*Adena : 5000

*Drop : 1

*Safe Enchant : 3

*Max Enchant : 25

*Enchant Chance : 75%

*Blessed Chance : 75% but it doesn't brake

*All interlude features work 99%

*RaidBosses spawntime 11 hours

*Auto-Learn Skills

*Wedding System

*Buffs / Songs / Dance / Chants Last 4-10 Hours

*Noblesse skills 100% working

*Olympiad 100% working *BUGLESS*

*Hero skills 100% working *Boosted*

*Dueling system *Bugless,edited*

*Subclass system without the quest

*noblesse system 100%

*No Weight penalty

*No grade penalty

*Clan reputation system 100% working

*Clan siege 100% working

*CH system 100% working

*/unstuck last 10 seconds

*Augumentation skills 100% working

*No clan penalty

& many many more!



There will be NO wipe after the beta :]

Im waiting for ur suggestions here till we get the site domain (fuk host company xD)

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it is good server (i hope).

but dont like the idea of 2 pvp points in arena,then all peoples will be going there and pvp a lot.

and noone will be out of there

Yes we try to base the server for PvP ,not 24/7 farming..

There will be farming ,but it will be fair for all ,and +25 players won't be so OP at all.

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too bad:(

Dont have to play something (not that u have in your mind,i speak about l2)


LOLED hahahahahahaah.


Btw,there is no any prob at core/server-side.I have to make some improves at patches.

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if u had to improve something on classes/balance i could help you,but now not!

anyway... i hoped that u will open tomorow also i will found something to play,but no,i was wrong,u dissapointed me,one day more,i dont have even life,how it is possible to have 1 day more?(jk) :p

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Hahahhaha :D

Great features ;] W8ing for the Beta..



Lee kvo stana s revival  ?? napusna li ?

Okay mate,we will be happy to see you ingame.


em ne ne sam napuskal nito sa me gonili.. ama server4eto ne provurvq kat 4eli :/

kolko hora ima on znaesh li?

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