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[Share]L2J C5 Builded Pack ! Very Cool!

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+ Added Version History.txt and reduced this post.


+ Added clan's quests (lvl 6,7,8).


+ Fixed some skills (0300-0399.xml).


+ Added Zariche Sword's effect (3600-3699.xml & characters.sql).


+ Added Zariche drop rate & Zariche Stage Kills config to other.properties


+ Added clan's Reputation Score & Rank


+ Added Clan Privilleges & Clan Sub Pledges


+ Fixed some java's bugs (Clan, skills, villagemaster, etc).


+ Added new doors (By Vault).


+ Fixed droplist (By Vault).


+ Fixed Castle Wyvern Manager (By Vault).


+ Fixed more village masters (By Vault).


+ Fixed 431_WeddingMarch quest (By Vault).


+ Fixed 426_FishingShot quest (By Vault).


+ Fixed all warehouses htmls (By Vault).


+ Added and fixed some bugs of "Fixes and Addons by BiTi (JudgementDayL2)" - Thank you very much, BiTi:


- Fixed Gatekeeper Timea's data in npc.sql now she is a pretty delf girl ;)

- Added Hero Skills to Admin Menu

- Added C5 Recipes (Dwarven and common), C5 Seeds and C5 Tickets to Admin GM Shop.


- Fixed Fist Fury skill (now works only with fist type weapons)

- Fixed Angelic Icon c5 skill (now works only when Player HP is lower than 30%)

- "Fixed" Curse Death Link now works only if player HP is lower than 25%

* I know that this is not offical but better than nothing...


- Added new D Grade Weapons (7880,7881,7885,7886,7890) to Aden(7885 only), Giran,Goddard and Rune shops.

- Added __init__.py to jscript/custom (missing from prev. release sorry)

- Added new A Grade Weapons to Blacksmith of Mammon SA Remove option (1009_remove_mammon).

- Added all new D and C grade weapons to Blacksmith of Mammon weapon exchange (1010_exchange).

* icons missing sorry.

- Fixed new C and D grade Weapon's Crystal Count. (Exchange works not without this)

- Deleted "exchange text" row from script cause high C weapon htmltext was too long.

- Added all C and B grade C5 Weapons to 1007_enhance scipt. (Now all new weapons can be used).


- Dropped old multisell and added S Grade Armor unseal to Jscript. * Tateossian jewel's icons missing

- Added Apella armors to Blacksmith of Mammon armor unseal (1005_unseal). * Icons missing.


+ Updated newest L2J-Free rev (724).


+ Modified other.propertise


+ Fixed C5's raid bosses' height.


+ Removed C:\server\tools\database_installer (c4).bat & C:\server\tools\database_installer (c4).sh


+ Modified C:\server\tools\database_installer.bat & C:\server\tools\database_installer.sh


+ Modified guide.txt


+ Added and fixed some bugs of "Fixes and Addons by BiTi (JudgementDayL2)" - Thank you very much, BiTi:


- Added PetData Script (C3-C4).

- Added glittering medal event.


- Fixed all blacksmith's html.

- Add fixed 1004_create jscript.

- Re-add jscript version of dual sword creation to all blacksmiths.

- Fixed Blacksmith of Mammon html text.

- Fixed Blacksmith of Mammon "Dual sword creation" and added S grade to script.

- Fixed Blacksmith of Mmammon "Enchance weapon with SA" script and added s grade.

* Stage(Grade) 13 Soul Crystals can be prize for glittering medals or you can upgrade it if have Ketra or Varka Alliance Lv5.

* Upgade works in Raids? I dunno.

- Fixed Blacksmith of Mammon "Remove SA from weapon" and added s grade to script.

- Added S grade unseal to Blacksmith of Mammon(now only multisell) but pretty better than old one.

- Fixed and remaked "Alliance With Ketra Orcs" quest (now fully working with ally privileges at Ketra town).

- Fixed and remaked "Prove Your Courage" and "Slay The Enemy Commander" quests for Ketra quest.

- Fixed Merchant of Mammon multisell.


- Added all missing NPCs to Varka Silenos Town

- Added missing NPC to Ketra Orc Town

- Fixed and remaked "Prove Your Courage" and "Slay The Enemy Commander" quests for Varka quest.

- Fixed and remaked "Alliance With Varka Silenos" quest. (now fully working with ally privileges at Ketra town)


- Added ALL C5 location to Admin menu teleport. (And pretty better admin menu)

- Added C5 teleports for 0 adena to database (teleport IDs: 1005-1026) Will be usefull fol global GKs

- Added Gatekeeper to Schuttgart Castle Town (Beta)

- Added new C5 teleport locations to Gatekeepers (Dwarven,Orc,Goddar,Rune)

- Added C5 Weapons and C5 items (include Armors) to Admin menu.


- Added missing C5 location (Fortress of the Dead) to Admin menu teleport and DB for global GK location.

* If you want to add to your Global GK --- id: 1027


- Added spawnlist Devil's Pass.

- Added spawnlist Imperial Tomb.

- Added spawnlist Hot Springs.

- Added new spawnlist for Wall of Argos / This is offlike old one wasn't ;)


- Added Spellbooks to skill_spellbooks.sql what need for new C5 Skills ;)

- All C5 Skill learnable at class teachers! I think 95% offical info

* Read infos in sql file, very important!

- Added clan skills (0300-0399.xml)

- Added new Admin menu!!! DELETE gameserver/data/html/admin folder and replace it to the new one!

- DISABLED C5 Weapons without SA GM Shop -> Buylist DB install in Admin_GMShop_C5.sql

All ID-s BAD or something wrong... So this section in GM shop will really poor ;)

- Fix C5 Skills

* Removed Erase skill for buffer / healer classes and added to summoners (Skill is destroy summons).

* Removed Judgement and Shackle skills from destroyer 100% not class skill!


- Fixed Zealot skill(c5) now can be use only if HP is under 30% and HP regeneration reduced.

- Fixed Prophecy of Fire,Water,Wind and Chant of Victory skills. Now add offical stats...

- Dropped poor Pet Ticket Exchange multisell and added jscript for Pet Managers.

- Added jscript 1006_tattoos. Now you can buy a tattoo from Symbol Maker Pepper in Giran Castle town.

* Tattoo stats not working yet :(

- Added newbie item exchanger NPCs (id:12260) to Gludin, Gludio and Dion.

- Fixed tatoo's stats now all tattoos work offlike, only enchant not(enchant=pdef increase).

- Added all missing C5 Weapon stats (Weapons without SA and D Grade weapons).

- Fixed all C5 weapon stats (MAtk/PAtk).

- Re-added "bad" C5 weapons to GM shop.

- Rewrited sql file for c5 GM shop, added Mob only weapons, new hair accesories, fixed bugs...

- Added new A-Grade C5 Weapons to Blacksmith of Mammon Enchance option.


+ Updated newest L2J-Free rev (704).


+ Added aio4j system. (You can find the License_aio4j.txt in gameserver folder).


+ Added Castle Manor system.


+ Fixed skills on C5.


+ Added new C5 raidbosses:

29045, Frintezza

29046, Scarlet van Halisha (Form 1).

29047, Scarlet van Halisha (Form 2).

29056, Ice Fairy Sirra


+ Fixed C5's items' names and hair accessories' bug.


+ Added new quests.


+ Reduced serverpack's size.


+ Fixed some java bugs.


+ Fixed all htmls.


+ Fixed all quests.


+ Fixed all spawnlist.


+ Fixed all raid boss spawnlist.


+ Fixed all droplists.


+ Fixed Hair Accessories' bugs.


+ Fixed "Big Bunnies" bug.


+ Added C:\Server\guide.txt.


+ Fixed some java codes.


+ Added C:\Server\tools\database_installer (c4).bat

C:\Server\tools\database_installer (c4).sh


+ Updated newest L2JFree revision (663)


+ Added: All C5 Items, Armors, Weapons with SAs. (Thank Hoctopusse for sharing his database with me).


.C5 Items' IDs:


Weapons (7880-8533)


Armors (7836-7879, 8177-8189, 8191, 8541, 8552, 8553, 8557, 8070-8081)


Mics (7904-8556)


+ Changed default setting of GeoData (By Default: AllowGeodata=False, you can turn it on by editing C:\Server\gameserver\config\options.properties)


Special Thanks to L2Jhero1711 info's (Some secrets ;) )

and the link to download it !


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i fighiting about phx but i cant find nothing...just add Bace Ice Loader !

to bake ice loader ine  l2off + ine  bypassed

kalitrea na doulepsis apo IL kai meta gt ta palia ine outdated kai exoun bugs


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very cool.... lol that was a shitpost that i didnt saw for a shit of 1 year that i am in MxC.. r u serious? c5 pack? none interest in current ct2.3 ,but its ur job lawl.

Leeroy we are in greek section :X better go to english

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to bake ice loader ine  l2off + ine  bypassed

kalitrea na doulepsis apo IL kai meta gt ta palia ine outdated kai exoun bugs


tottaly agree.

prepei na exeis gnwseis gia na sikwseis c5 pack mias kai ta perissotera bug apo auto pou 3eroume leitourgoun.


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