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[PREVIEW][PC-PS3-XBOX]Lost Planet 2


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Lost Planet 2 is set 10 years after the first Lost Planet, and the insane freezing of the planet has finally melted and revealed jungles, but hasn't completely erased the Akrid menace, the race of giant insectoids that have basically taken over. As a part of a company of soldiers from the NEVEC corporation, it's your job to smoke out the Akrid once again.




Not only is Lost Planet 2 playable, but in four-player co-op form. The game's campaign can be tackled by you and your friends, and the extra help can be definitely welcome when facing off against the series' trademark humongous bosses. In fact, the area we played in the demo was nothing but a boss fight, as a huge six-legged Akrid stomped around a marshland, swinging its tail and using its tongue to lash at anyone who got near. Firing at its legs helped disable it, and then shooting the exposed core on its back hurt it even more.




Rather than thermal energy that ticks down to your death unless you replenish it, Lost Planet 2 changes things, at least in multiplayer. The game uses a Battle Points bar that affects the whole team. Mini-objectives will pop up in areas, like "blow out the creature's legs!" "get inside the creature's mouth!" and things of that nature. If you complete those objectives, and generally work fast and play well, you'll keep earning points, and keep everyone alive. Admittedly, we did a lot of panicked running around at first, trying to put a dent in the boss creature's health, and eventually our Battle Points ran out and triggered instant death. In short, teamwork is everything.




Taking the setting out of the snow-covered world and into a lush and watery one almost makes Lost Planet 2 feel like a different game. But then the feel of jumping, grappling, and running for your life comes back stronger than ever. It looks great, and though it will probably be just as ball-bustingly hard as the first game, Lost Planet 2 is likely to be as big a hit.


P.S. It's my first preview so if you find something wrong say it so i won't do the same mistake aagain.Thanks

P.S.2 Can someone tell me how to make these links pics?i tried the "Insert Image" button but nothing.

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