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L2Dat Encdec 2.1.38 (Gracia Final and below)

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This is the latest version of L2Dat EncDec, 2.1.38 for Gracia Final and previous versions.



1. Specify the path of your system folder.

2. Select a file and click Load.

3. Click Export -> Save the file.

4. Open the decrypted file (*.tsv) with a text editor (Notepad++ <3) and edit it.

5. Back to L2Dat EncDec, Click Import -> Select the file you just edited, and click Save!


Thanks goes to the developer of this awesome tool, TSLRoom.





If you have any question feel free to ask,

HF, Spawn.

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Well well very nice i saw it a while ago floating on net.. :)



1)Open the Folder l2encdec *where l2encdec.exe reside

2)Right click-->New-->Shortcut

3)Paste this               %windir%\system32\cmd.exe        *red words only

4)Right Click the cmd shortcut and Properties

5)There is a field in Tab Shortcut (windows 7 me) named Start in find it.

6)Paste this %currentDRIVE%%currentPATH%  *red words only


What i do with this??? Well you can start the cmd inside the folder and have the path ready.



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