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ok, all credits are mine.



Lets make this fun, and not boring with a music.


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There wont be any explanations about the steps, you accept it for your own benefic or you wont. Maybe i'll add the "why" after this if theres many requests.


Lets start,


First Thing:

-Go to your graphic card panel and turn off [ Vertical sync ] and if theres also a [triple memory] turn it off aswell.


cool, now you are the FPS king!

not... u'll about alot more work dude,


Second: http://www.cevo.com/FILES/CEVO_Client_Configs_v3.zip


Download this config.

done? awesome!

-Now open with a notepad and make some changes as you wish.

-I suggest add you "sensitivity xx" and "cl_crosshairscale xxx" on it.

... ok.

-Rename it to: "autoexec.cfg"

-Move it to (C:\Programas\Steam\SteamApps\[Your Account ID]\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

Important:Dont you ever, ever, ever, -beep-ing ever.. change any settings IG on option! EVEEEER!

If you have to change any setting type the command in console (damn, you dont know what a console is? ok ok, dont worry, after all this toturial you'll have a magic CONSOLE when you open counter strike! cool hun?!)





You got scared dont you? x) k, its seriously it may happen with 000.1% but pay attention.




1) Get there, like the image i done especially for you (yeah, i now u love me <3)

and click on properties.






now click on "Set launch option.." (its not that complex, i hope..)





-heapsize -> is the Ram that u'll use for your Source engine. Just set the value to half of your RAM memory.


heapsize 131072 >  if you have 256Mb RAM

-heapsize 262144 >  if you have 512Mb RAM

-heapsize 393216 >  if you have 768Mb RAM

-heapsize 524288 >  if you have 1Gb RAM


what? you bastard got more than this? ok.. ok.. ill add more.


-heapsize 786432 >  if you have 1.5 Gb RAM

-heapsize 1048576 > if you have 2 Gb RAM

No more numbers, over! if you got anymore RAM than the one i set here just use maths (what the -beep- you want school for? school was done for counterstrike problem dude!)


Your System Memory (In Megabytes) / 2 * 1024 = Your Heapsize



-dxlevel -> This command will set the desired DirectX level of the game. Here is a run-down of the options. Click on a number to see a screenshot of it being used in-game.


-dxlevel 70 - The most basic DirectX level. Provides good performance on older cards (MX440 era), but lacks features such as shadows, specularity, and water translucency.

-dxlevel 80 - This DirectX level provides excellent performance, and still retains shadows and specularity (notice the shiny floors in the image). However, water is still strictly opaque.

-dxlevel 81 - Exactly like DirectX 8.0, but water now has the option of being translucent .

-dxlevel 90 - The most commonly used DirectX level. Performance takes a severe hit for a minimal gain in visual quality. Special effects include enhanced explosions and increased texture depth in smoke grenades. However, several glitches are present. Flash grenades can superimpose your windows desktop icons on the screen, and specularity/bumpmapping errors are common.

-dxlevel 95 - The same as DirectX 9.0, with the option of using High Dynamic Range lighting (HDR).

MICROZ SUGGESTION: If you got a graphic card than handles dx 9 then set "-dxlevel 80", it will run significantly better, so more fps! If you dont have a dx 9.0 graphic card or higher.. WHERE THE -beep- HAVE YOU BEEN MAN? BUY A NEW PC ASAP!


-refresh -> U'll set your monitor refresh rate (If you had more than what you can use, then ull fuck your monitor. cool hun?)


60Hz -> 60

70Hz-> 70

75Hz -> 75


etc etc etc.

If you dont know your refresh rate: Go to

Desktop> right click> properties> settings> advanced> Monitor.


and ull see it there.


-console -> duh? it opens th[/b]e console when you lunch the game ok?!



-w -> This is your resolution setting

Just add the first of your resolution


example: 1024x768 -> u'll set "-w 1024"

and the other one will be setted like magic! woooooooow! awesome!!



press OK, launch CSS and set on console "cl_showfps 1" to check the fps changes.








So if you like the way i do Toturials just say it, post here your feedback, i like to hear people opinions.

otherway if u dont want it then dont use my stuff it's simple.  ;)

Everything for now, more toturials only after feedback.





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yes, css only.

Someone people say that -heapsize doesnt work becouse of valve update in their engine.

Anyway, in my view it does works, just use it and test by yourself.. u'll get the same conclusion i did, im sure of that

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Very good guide. Gratz. But i have a question about FPS. Right now i play with 30 FPS witch is shit. My computer is not very good. If i increas them like u say. Will i habe more FPS normally or will i lag like crazy??

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Its, the next.


The less FPS you have, the less frames your monitor is allowed to show you, so less video quality, and more lag.


(take on your console "cl_showfps 1" and check that when your breaks (its no lag.) you'll fps appear red, and are down to less than 20.


So, more fps, more video quality, and less breaks in game (or lag as you call it.)


A lag is what you will experience becouse of your letency & ping (to check your ping just set in console "netgraph 3", and it will show you the ping, the loss and the choke that maybe ill explain you guys in some time.


Then comes the breaks that are caused by your graphic card (and FPS).



Also, check your processor becouse in CSS it is a main.

This toturial allows you to get more FPS, and a better performance. (:

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Well thanks for the answer. When i said lag i meant the litle pause that the game has. You know what i mean. But my pc is not good. Can i hanlde more FPS or will it make my pc slow? I cant realy say what i mean. Sorry.

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CS 1.6 DA TOP.


AND ONLY CS 1.6 , CSS Sucks.


Tell me what do u want..


Thats off topic.


Need someone to confirm this to reward MicrOz!

Anybody playin' css?!


Dont worry about that (: but is cool from you anyway.

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Ok i would like to try it cause i play CSS on steam but i actually understand only the Set properties option. I mean these:



If i only put these and change nothing else will i still get a few more FPS?

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If they are the ones your PC allows you to use. Yes they will increase you fps.

I explained everything on topic, just set the values of -heapsize (ram allowed to run CSS)

-dxlevel (the directX the engine will use), -refresh (your monitor refresh rate), and -w (your monitor like 640x640, 1024x768, or whatever you use)

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First Thing:

-Go to your graphic card panel and turn off [ Vertical sync ] and if theres also a [triple memory] turn it off aswell.


cool, now you are the FPS king!


For guys who asked about cs 1.6 only this works and u get some more fps ;)

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