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Can someone(those that know) make a better quide on this topic



for l2j gracia final would apreciate it as for a lot of ppl dont know how to do it

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Its so simple, remember L2J moved handlers into DataPack so create voiced handler in DP:




And then just register You new command in MasterHandler.java


Nothing more.


If You still dont know how to make it, i could create guide step by step but i think its unnecessary.

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I have done everything to the letter its the part where you register it  i have a problem.I have placed it here hope to be the wright spot but when i run GS i get an error on loading scripts plz upload a  masterhandler with the right spot to register the item  Thats way i requested a quide hoping to solve this problems


private static void loadVoicedHandlers()


               VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Balloni());    

VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().registerVoicedCommandHandler(new stats());


VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().registerVoicedCommandHandler(new Wedding());


VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().registerVoicedCommandHandler(new Banking());

_log.config("Loaded " + VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().size() + " Voiced

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here is error i get.

1. ERROR in \MasterHandler.java (at line 225)

       VoicedCommandHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Balloni());


Balloni cannot be resolved to a type


1 problem (1 error)Balloni cannot be resolved to a type

Failed executing script: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\New Fo

der\gameserver\data\scripts\handlers\MasterHandler.java. See MasterHandler.java

error.log for details.


Maybe the script is wrong anyway see if you can help

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private static void loadItemHandlers()


ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new ScrollOfResurrection());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SoulShots());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SpiritShot());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new BlessedSpiritShot());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new BeastSoulShot());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new BeastSpiritShot());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new PaganKeys());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Maps());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Potions());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Recipes());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new RollingDice());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new EnchantAttribute());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new EnchantScrolls());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new ExtractableItems());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Book());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SoulCrystals());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SevenSignsRecord());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new ItemSkills());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Seed());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Harvester());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new MercTicket());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new FishShots());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new PetFood());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SpecialXMas());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new SummonItems());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new BeastSpice());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new TeleportBookmark());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Elixir());

ItemHandler.getInstance().registerItemHandler(new Balloni());

_log.config("Loaded " + ItemHandler.getInstance().size() + " ItemHandlers");


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