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[GUIDE]Make Your Own Armor(With Pictures)

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Hello Guys..Today i show how to make your own armor with textures..So lets start..First you need this files http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LFBLP6Y0

So..I make black draconic for example..Ps:You have to extract b(boots),g(gloves),l(low body),u(up body) files and F=female and M=male for those that don't what this mean..So now open UTPT and mmfighter utx..I saw you for example at male fighter..nntudf.jpg

So,now we have to extract files.For draconic upbody is


,for gloves


,for boots


and for helmet isn't somethink difficult..This


..Now we extract both sides of armor i mean sp and ori as TGA..width=1024 height=623http://i25.tinypic.com/ibxqtw.jpg[/img].Same at low body too.width=1024 height=623http://i32.tinypic.com/15foc46.jpg[/img].Now lets extract g files.Again the same guys. width=1024 height=623http://i30.tinypic.com/1jt1xe.jpg[/img]..And finally same at boots too.width=1024 height=623http://i31.tinypic.com/r6xmon.jpg[/img]..Ok now lets edit it at photoshop..I am not going to show you how to paint..This you have to do it by yourself..But take a picture.width=1024 height=623http://i30.tinypic.com/2m5xu1t.jpg[/img]..You have to paint also sp and ori files with the same way..Now...you have to save all files from photoshop as TGA and with name


.This is only a example how to save files fro photoshop..Same with other if file is ori you save it


Nothink special.Ok guys after editing let's go now to make our UTX for our armor..Open Unreal then New choose what name whant to put at your armor..For example 2f07yav.jpg..To remember better names you have to write it at a TXT..Now see how put names at unreal.1.2rfej2w.jpg for gloves,2.2f07yav.jpg for boots,3.2udzsxf.jpg for low body and 4.2heerut.jpg for upbody..Now import TGA files as DXT3 width=1024 height=623http://i31.tinypic.com/2hckaqh.jpg[/img] and then press OK ALL.Now take a look how you have to do it width=1024 height=623http://i29.tinypic.com/1y4bat.jpg[/img].Now make the same with the other files too..When you finish this press File->Save->At Local Disk.Now our UTX is done..Lets go decrypt it.Now right click at enc then edit and right there the name that you choose for UTX.For example


.Then close it and save it..After double click on it..And you see this width=1024 height=623http://i29.tinypic.com/efs32a.jpg[/img]..Now delete the old one UTX and rename this UTX




..Now almost finish..To see your armor lets make some lines from Dat files.

1	6379	0	3	4	3	0	dropitems.drop_MFighter_m011_t89_u_m00			mfighter.mfighter_m011_t89_u				0	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	icon.armor_t89_ul_i00	icon.armor_t89_u_i00	icon.armor_t89_l_i00			4294967295	4950	19	1	0	0		1		8	2	"Fighter.MFighter_m011_u|Fighter.MFighter_m011_l"	2	"mfighter.mfighter_m011_t89_u|MFighter.MFighter_m011_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Fighter.FFighter_m011_u|Fighter.FFighter_m011_l"	2	"FFighter.FFighter_m011_t89_u|FFighter.FFighter_m011_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"DarkElf.MDarkElf_m001_u|DarkElf.MDarkElf_m007_l"	2	"MDarkElf.MDarkElf_m001_t89_u|MDarkElf.MDarkElf_m007_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"DarkElf.FDarkElf_m007_u|DarkElf.FDarkElf_m008_l"	2	"FDarkElf.FDarkElf_m007_t89_u|FDarkElf.FDarkElf_m008_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Dwarf.MDwarf_m004_u|Dwarf.MDwarf_m008_l"	2	"MDwarf.MDwarf_m004_t89_u|MDwarf.MDwarf_m008_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Dwarf.FDwarf_m004_u|Dwarf.FDwarf_m008_l"	2	"FDwarf.FDwarf_m004_t89_u|FDwarf.FDwarf_m008_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Elf.MElf_m008_u|Elf.MElf_m007_l"	2	"MElf.MElf_m008_t89_u|MElf.MElf_m007_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Elf.FElf_m008_u|Elf.FElf_m004_l"	2	"FElf.FElf_m008_t89_u|FElf.FElf_m004_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Magic.MMagic_m011_u|Magic.MMagic_m011_l"	2	"MMagic.MMagic_m011_t89_u|MMagic.MMagic_m011_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Magic.FMagic_m011_u|Magic.FMagic_m011_l"	2	"FMagic.FMagic_m011_t89_u|FMagic.FMagic_m011_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Orc.MOrc_m007_u|Orc.MOrc_m006_l"	2	"MOrc.MOrc_m007_t89_u|MOrc.MOrc_m006_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Orc.FOrc_m007_u|Orc.FOrc_m006_l"	2	"FOrc.FOrc_m007_t89_u|FOrc.FOrc_m006_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Shaman.MShaman_m007_u|Shaman.MShaman_m007_l"	2	"MShaman.MShaman_m007_t89_u|MShaman.MShaman_m007_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Shaman.FShaman_m007_u|Shaman.FShaman_m007_l"	2	"FShaman.FShaman_m007_t89_u|FShaman.FShaman_m007_t89_l"	2	"|"	"00-FF|00-FF"	2	"|"		2	"Kamael.mkamael_m009_u|Kamael.mkamael_m009_l"	3	"mkamael.mkamael_m009_t89_u|mkamael.mkamael_m009_t89_l|mkamael.mkamael_m009_t89_ut"	2	"Kamael.Mkamael_m000_w_ad00|Kamael.Mkamael_m009_l_ad00"	"77-5F|6C-5F"	2	"Mkamael.Mkamael_m000_t00_w|mkamael.mkamael_m009_t89_ut"		2	"Kamael.fkamael_m008_u|Kamael.fkamael_m008_l"	3	"fkamael.fkamael_m008_t89_u|fkamael.fkamael_m008_t89_l|fkamael.fkamael_m008_t89_ut"	2	"Kamael.Fkamael_m000_w_ad00|Kamael.Fkamael_m008_l_ad00"	"77-5F|6C-5F"	2	"Fkamael.Fkamael_m000_t00_w|fkamael.fkamael_m008_t89_ut"		1		1		0			0			LineageEffect.p_u002_a	4	"ItemSound.shield_bone_1|ItemSound.armor_leather_2|ItemSound.armor_leather_3|ItemSound.armor_leather_8"	ItemSound.itemdrop_armor_leather	ItemSound.itemequip_armor_leather	1	0	1	5	0	249	0	0	0

This is the original line for draconic armor..The only lines you have to change for mfigter are


for BlackArmor.mfighter_t89_u and you are ok.Now also change this lines


..Again with the name that you choose from Unreal..For example. BlackAarmor.m_fighter_t89_l and BlackAarmor.m_fighter_t89_u..Now the same for boots and gloves...ATTENTION we change only the lines


and not this


..Save it as 413 and you are ok..

Lets see a preview now..And VOILLAAA.



Hope you like it guys..

And a guide how to make your own Dat files,XML,SQL is Here



PS2:About any question report here..Ty..


Credits to † Legollas †..

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Very nice guide my friend full explain!


Keep up the good work, and those awesome share +1 for your hard work ;]

Oh thanks a lot my friend Cobra.This guide took me 2-3 hours..Again thanks :)

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amazing share legollas! too explaining! i will start and me make some shares like this now with your own guide Mr.Teacher!

axaxa my student gerero thanks for your good works about my work..;)


Ps:Gratz for your promo..:P

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nice guide ofc but well about editing textures is all the same... i think the ppl know something client modding know that.. but anyway † Legollas † thanks for full guide

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