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i bet that none had tried this, it's all about the postcount.

gosh, and no i didn't tried because i do not use walker and so on.


like your post is not for postcount...

i tried it,working on retail but cant get it workin on rpgclub

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Ok so dunno if u got it or no but it really working for me:D I started play on off 2 days ago and i needed good bot coz x1 maked me crazy too fast.. So this is what i got:


1.download OracleL2Walker2.09b (i think it is somewhere here)

2.go to your gracia final system folder find l2.bat change it to l2.exe

3.run walker and have fun


P.S. plz someone fix L2InfoB.dat coz items and other things dont work properly..just check and give opinions

P.S. (2) sry for 5 posts but i dont have time for forums and i was always angry when i cant read smth coz of some stupid posts so;]



why i didnt understand the reason of ur posting? why all pl are saying "thx"??:S:S:S:S:S

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