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[Question] IGW, Can Default key be changed? [Home]


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So i have this small problem, i was going to use walker IG on my other computer when i noticed something was wrong, the freaking expensive wireless keyboard does not own a Home key, it has a button that opens home on IE but it doesn't work to open up walker menu.


So, i tried the keyboard on monitor, it has a Home, but when i press it, nothing happens, it should work but isn't...


Is there a file i can edit to change default menu key?

I've had a look around walker files but didn't found anything related.



the thing is, home should work from the windows keyboard, but i don't know for sure if it doesn't work or if it's something related with windows 7 that recently got installed on the other pc, i'll just swap my keyboard and confirm if its home or windows fault.


Thank you.




So, after swapping keyboards i found out that on-screen keyboard home is working, that "solves" 1 problem, now my problem is,

when running walker on windows 7, after i launch the game, i press home but the menu doesn't pop up (running in window ofc), like walker isn't running, i have hosts and wp507f set up properly and i'm using the correct walker version 1.79, any idea why menu doesn't show?

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