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[L2OFF IL]LL2.ru x10000 and x9000 official!


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Rates are in title.. :)

Enchant rate :

To +15 is 90%

After +15 is 10% or lower :D

Register + download patch : http://pvp.ll2.ru/register

Translate for the register page :

Желаемый Логин   Account Name

Желаемый Пароль Account's password

Подтвердите Пароль Repeat password

Ваш e-mail * E-mail

Секретный вопрос * Secret question

Секретный ответ * Secret answer

Введите код картинки The code displayed on the image


Its a good pvp server ,has like 1000 online in both servers ,but the problem is EVERYONE speak russian and its -beep-ing miracle if u find some1 who speaks english ;x

Enjoy it ,its balanced server here are some features:

NPC Buffer with 1 hour buffs (only 2nd profession ,for third class u must create ur own character)

Starting zone where u lvl upto 77 with 1 mob and the mob gives 15kk adena ,then u can go to Roy The Cat and kill it for 78.To 80 u can lvl up wherever u want.

Armor safe is 3!The chance is low (official 62%)

Weapon safe is 3 ,but till +15 its 90% for +16 is 10% or even lower.

unlimited max enchant (i never saw anyone with +22 or more ,but anyways :D)

and more :)

Patch : http://www.ll2.ru/LL2C6_x9000_v1.3_full.exe (awesome download speed for me :O) for x9000 and http://files.ll2.ru/LL2C6_x10000_v6_noEpicCT1.rar for x10000

Enjoy it :)


EDIT : Official russian site : www.ll2.ru .It has english version tho ,but it will give u an error :D

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well.. it sounds a bit more than just every day "custom" private server.. but just a bit more ;)

Its l2off and alot people play it ,zero lag and stuff.U wont find other l2off with x10000 rates ,true?:D

And it has just a epic set and dynasty which give offi stats.. Not some edited :X

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its very true =)

and it also sounds way better than most leeched projects.. but tbh if its off, how much chance does it have to keep updating lol? lately i get the feling even l2j teams are drying out a bit(not considering newly opened projects)..

but then on the other hand.. sometimes i wish l2 would stay c4 forever xD

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how about the donations?it have unbalance donations?(cause 1 server with 1k ppls and l2OFF sure it has donations)

btw the server is too old (about 2 years,nah) i am searching something fresh :/

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going to play!!!!!!!!!!!



you gave me a reason to download again interlude...

ur reason is playing on a russian and get owned all time by russian kid and understand nothing?

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