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[L2J CT 2.3] L2 EternalFight x25 July 31 Opened (NEW!!!)


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Welcome to L2 EternalFight




We got full protection now and much more and now there isnt any chance to get wiped again.




Website will change into domain one in the next days...


L2 EternalFight Grand Opening


Server Starting DATE: 31/07/2009 at 13:00 GMT +2 L2 EternalFight Starts running again !!!



Server BETA is up, so if  you wanna test server before you start tommorow visit us !



Final Gracia Server





   * Exp rate ----->25 (party xp/sp x2)

   * Sp rate ----->25 (auto learn skill)

   * Drop rate ----->x15

   * Raid Drop----->x5

   * Spoil rate ----->x20

   * Adena rate----->x25

   * Quest drop/award/manor rates----->x3



...Enchant Rates...


   * Safe = +4

   * Max = +16

   * Normal Scroll 66% (for all)

   * Blessed scroll 75% (for all)


..Augment Rates...


   * Life Stone : 30 %

   * Mid-Grade Life Stone : 40%

   * High Grade Life Stone : 55%

   * Top Grade Life Stone : 70%




   * Global Gatekeeper

   * NPC Buffer

   * Buff/Dance bufftime is 2hour

   * Gran is the main Town

   * Mana Potions

   * Spoil / Drop in Blue mobs is Activated

   * A/S Need Craft

   * GM-Shop with Accesories/Consumables/Minerals

   * Luxury Shop in Giran for B Armors/Weapons

   * Lvl 81 Skills

   * Balanced Classes

   * Retail GrandRaidBoss Respawns

   * No Lag

   * Funny Events


   * TvT Event

   * Medal Event

   * Wedding Priest



Enjoy and have fun

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Over 150 players online , server is new (just 12 hours opened from now) and it is already well knowned. UpTime 100%.And more features visit our website www.l2etf.ucoz.com

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Stalone...My internet cafe was playing on your server...it has a bit of lag cause of the dropped items.. I hope see your server on top..I remember that you didint login into the game to see any problems...You should spent more hours in game.. :) .. Anyway I will try to connect ;)

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Lag problem is fixed friend , and ppl enjoy very much now after the wipe and i think that now is more balanced because all started together  from  lvl 1 . The hacker of the previous server was the admin-dev of l2echo and i am happy to see again all my server's people to play again there and l2echo to stay on 20 ppl max number.


Anyway i don't mind for that , Thank you for your good words ;)


Hope to see you again ingame :D

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