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[Share+Guide] Npc For Server Info's

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Hello all, i create something easy but i think it's helpfull for the newbies, it's a npc for server informations here is the link http://rapidshare.com/files/261744684/Npc_For_Infos.rar  download it and follow my instructions : open your pack file go at gameserver/data/html/default and then copy the htm and paste it there that was the 1st step

2nd step open your navicat go at l2jdb/l2archid_db anyway that :P go at npc table and press right click on it and then press dump mysql file or that anyway i dont remember now xD then browse press on it and then confirm.

3rd step login in-game/in your server and //spawn 18747

That's All :) have fun

P.S sorry for my english

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