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[Help] I Have a Problem with L2JArchid pack ....REVISION 381



Geia sas paidia exw ena problima pou stekete empodio sto na anikso ton server mou ...

den mporo na kanw oute clan oute kanena idos Quest ...

Photo 1





Prospathisa na to diorthoso monos mou allazontas kati arxeia apo...





mesa to arxeio __init__ 


Prin to kanw edit egrafe


 __all__ = [
import quests
import custom
import teleports
import village_master
import ai




Meta to allaksa vazontas auta mesa



__all__ = [
print ""
print "importing custom data ..."
for name in __all__ :
    try :
        __import__('data.jscript.custom.'+name,globals(), locals(), ['__init__'], -1)
        print "failed to import quest : ",name
print "... done"
print ""




Alla pali to idio meta piga sto



sto idio arxeio na kanw tin idia allagh kai pali den katafera tipota



Mipos kanenas gnorizi tin lusi ?





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Agapite mou file Traffic*   telika vrika tin lusi monos mou euxaristo kai signomi ...




Agapite mou file doctoras  eisai wraios k metras!

Problem Solved u can lock it.

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