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Hello guyz,Here i leave smth that i find on La2base and i'd like to share it with you...It's just a demo version and i think it supports only Kamael chronicle...Anyway many of you could convert it so here i am sharing it...



Download Link:


Rar Password:


Credits to:Respect from La2Base for creating it and me for re-uploading it and sharing it with u...


P.S.0:To ride this board you need to transform your char into pig  Cool

P.S.1:If some1 wants further informations about this share then just PM me..

P.S.2:If Some1 could convert it then i would be gratefull if he could give me link to post it here..

thx in advance..

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lol...??? wtf is this???


you mean that with this sh1t i can fly?? 0axa0x0a amazing!!!


i am waiting to see and tracks on l2!


nc share!! you are the 2nd one who made my day!

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This is really weird, some one pm me when this is not a demo any more and i will add it to the list


Great work by la2base.

And will convert it on some versions for me too ;)

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