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[GUIDE]Import any song you want to on Guitar Hero III(PC)

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HeLLo all,how are you???I hope you are fine 'coz to make this share works u gonna need good mood and auto-concentration!!According to my last share(

[GUIDE]How to hack your PSP)I promised that today i will share smth that the music games lovers will adore.And now here i am completing my promise...The purpose of this thread is to (drumrollin') teach you how to get your own customs song on Guitar Heroo III for PC...Yeah,I know that by reading this you are a bit nervous but calm down...Everything gonna be fine if u follow my guide part by part...Then i think that no problem will be encountered and all of us will be happy xD...Ehhh don't u think that it's about time for me to start the guide???Well my guide is seperated on the following parts:

  • Prologue
  • Download links/Files needed
  • Main Guide[steps]
  • Credits/BB


We all know what guitar hero is...For those who don't then let me tell you that Guitar Hero is by far the best music game that had been ever produced...It's produced by ASPYR and it's main purpose is to make u feel who guitarist reacts in front of the public when he "rocks" and make you love the music by playing an educating and funny video-game...The company that made the game(ASPYR)paid some bands to re-make some songs or paid the original bands to play songs for the game...The bad thing with guitar hero is that it doesn't innclude all the tracks we love...ASPYR thought it will be good to make an online store where player would be able to download some tracks for free or by paying a small amount of money...This was the only you could use TILL NOW!!Just 'coz today I will show you how to get your own customs tracks on Guitar Hero III for PC...Guitar Hero can be found on stores or warez site and it's made for many consoles..It's made for PS3,PS2,Xbox 360,PC and Mobile Phone...

.::Download Links::.

First of all i would like to make clear that i am posting this part of the guide now 'coz if i'd post it in the end then it would be more difficult for you...So the best thing i could is to post the links here so you can download all the files before you start importing your custom tracks..I uploaded all the files needed to do so except some that u already must have...Anyway let me start with the link posting:


Usage:It includes the GH3PCEDITOR folder which needs just an extract(it includes everything needed) and 2 applications(Audacity and Chart2Mid)which we gonna need...





Usage:It includes some charts..You don't have to download it if u don't want to...You can find your own charts just by browsing This website ;)




.::Main Guide[steps]::.

1)Download Guitar Hero III for PC..If you can't find any link then just drop me a pm to give you the links to download it...

2)Download the files from the links on the "Download Links" part and extract/install them...

3)Made a copy of ASPYR folder in case we screw it up xD

4)Now that you have finished with the downloads,install and extracts it's about time to get it really started...We gonna need the .chart file of the song that we want to import...You can find a .chart file on the second download links or on the site that i showed you,I will choose "New Divide" of "Linkin' Park" band..Anyway download the .chart file and save it on your desktop..Now open Chart2Mid and click Browse...Find the .chart file you downloaded click open and then convert...Do nothing till it say "Conversion Successful" in the Conversion notification box!!Once it's done a .mid file will appear on your desktop...


5)Open Audacity(which obviusly must be installed) and click "File"...Then click "Open" and find the .MP3 file of the song you want to...Once it's loaded click file and then Export it as .MP3 somewhere that you will be able to find later..If it requests a Lame.dll file then click "OK" and go to the "GH3PCEDITOR" folder...You will be able to find it there...Now close audacity without saving...


6)Now,go to the "GH3PCEDITOR" that we extracted before...Browse it till you find a file named "Songlist_Editor.exe"..Open it...It should be looking like this...The black prompt that came up is 100% normal and don't you dare to close it ;)....


Now go File/Open and find the DATA file...Songlist editor should automatically find it for you...Then open it and you will be able to see all the GH3 songs in alphabetical order...


7)Now that the whole songlist is loaded click "Insert new Song"...The first box will say song's name...write it with no caps and spaces...It won't be seen like this in-game...This is just to be recognizable from GH3 data...For the next 3 boxes(guitar,rythm,song track)find the file that you exported as MP3 from Audacity....On the preview position you must put the number of the minutes taht you want the song to be heard when you mouse-over on it before you play...it doesn't really matter ^^!!In the midi part browse and find the file we converted with Char2Mid..It should be on your desktop..For the next 3 boxes i think that it's obviously that we must fill it out with the Song name,artist and year :D


8.)Now that it's done find the song..I named it newdividelp...Once you find it press click "Edit Setlists" and a new window will come up..Choose expert for difficulty(don't worry u will be able to play it on easy/medium too)Under setlist go to bonus songs.In the songs per tier box, you need to click up 1 because you’re adding one new song to the list.Under song number, go all the way to the bottom and the last song should be slowride.Click slowride,and then under song, click the actual song you just inserted.Then ok, now go to file, save.It will say you are about to overwrite important documents are you sure, click yes.


Now,start the GH3 game...It will say that there are some damaged documents or files...Click "cancel" and don't delete them...Now go to options/cheats/enter cheat...Strum green twice...This will unlock everything exists in the game...Unfortunately you will have to enter this cheat every time you open the game...Anyway go to quick play/bonus list and go all the way down...Here is our song :D.You cannot however play these songs on training, there will be no notes, and the song will end in seconds.I don’t know if they can be played in multiplayer, I never played with friends…..Now you are able to rock in your rythm ;)


I am glad to tell you that the credits for this guide go to me...I just found a video on youtube and i thought that you will be gratefull if i'd share it with you...So here i am sharing a totally-writen-by-me guide...

Have fun and take care...

Yours faithfully,MasterDisaster


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reach you??Yeah you made 10 nice shares and you got 10 karma (pff yeah sure..) And??You have 10 karma I have 0..Anyway Karma is a useless thing :P So dont worry we wont reach your 10 karma

Then why are ya looking at it?I Just said he'll reach me :O...

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