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[Preview][Jumpgate Evolution][PC]


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Published by: Codemasters

Developed by: NetDevil

Release Date: September 1, 2009

Genre: Persistent Online Simulation


Nothing can prepare you for the adventure that is about to unfold - your own. The Galaxy is in a fragile state, balancing on the edge of War and Peace. New threats are emerging from the infinite darkness of space and with threats come opportunity. Will you aid your faction when duty calls or will you serve only your own needs? Do you fight with your fearless friends in an epic struggle against a hardened opponent or do you go it alone, facing the dangers as they come? Your decisions are your own, and the rewards are yours to do with as you please. As you begin your adventure, know that the true saga has just begun.


A revitalization of the Jumpgate franchise, Jumpgate Evolution brings exciting new game play, advanced AI engine, and a complete graphics overhaul to fans of the original MMO.









General Features


   * New rendering engine scaling from fixed function to pixel shaders for maximum market reach.

   * Engaging and responsive AI, creating the feeling of a living, changing universe.

   * Several new missions across multiple types including: combat, patrols, mining, and delivery.

   * A real supply and demand economy - responsive to player trading activity.

   * Engaging PvP system with factional peace and war rating, significantly affecting game dynamics.

   * New user interface to make the game more engaging and accessible.





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nice again grisom! u don't stop sharing reviews! ^^ very good! i might like this game... do u know if it will be release on PS3?


ESRB Rating: T for Fantasy Violence, Language

Genre: Persistent Online Simulation

Exclusively on PC

Release Date: September 1, 2009



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