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Jumping a Bike out of a Laptop


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In this tutorial I will show you how I made this "out of bounds" picture with a guy on a BMX bike jumping out of a laptop computer.





These are the 2 source pics that we will be using for this






First open your picture of the guy on the BMX bike. Then using the magic wand tool set to a tolerance of 15 - 20 select all the sky and clouds around him.




Then select the free selection tool and select the rest of the picture. You should now have everything but the the bike and the guy selected.

Then go to "Select" and click on "Inverse" to reverse the selection, leaving only the guy on the bike selected.




Now that you have selected the bike and rider you will want to make a new layer via copy of him.

Click on "layer" then click "new" then "layer via copy"





Now on this new bike layer we need to fix the spoke issue. The spokes in this pic dont show up very well. So we will make our own.

Using the free selection tool select the entire inside of the wheel. Making sure not to get the forks or gears. Just the area where there are spokes.




Then once you have it all selected go to "layer" then click on "new" then "layer via cut" Then once you have cut out the spokes, you may delete this new layer, it is not needed.





Now go to "layer" and select "New" then "new layer" and make a fresh new later. Name it "spokes". This is where we will add the spoke layer. Place it in the middle between the "bike" layer and the "background" or bottom layer.


Now take the line tool and set it too 1px width. Select a light color, maybe something from the blue sky or one of the old spokes. Dont worry if it looks too light because we will darken them later.



Taking the line tool, draw in the spokes on each wheel. Do your best to have them come from the center of the wheels hub and out to the edge of the wheel.




Now take your the Burn tool and set it to a very light burn. Now using it on the spokes darken them a bit until they look natural. Dont go too dark but make it so that they are visible and stand out.







You may now merge the spoke layer and the Bike/Rider layer by selecting the top layer (bike/rider) and then clicking on "layer" then "merge down"




Now you should have the BMX bike and the rider completly cut out and have your spokes re-added.




Next we will remove the rider from the background image.



Hide the bike/rider layer and take use the clone tool set to about 100px wide and a very soft setting and clone out the bike, replacing him with clouds and sky.










Now open your Laptop picture





Drag the two layers from the bike picture into it.


Hide the bike/rider layer as we work on the skate park layer.



Now with the skate park background selected click on "edit" then go to "transform" then "scale" and resize the park to a more managable size.




Now go to "edit" then "transform" then click on "distort" and line up the corners of the skatepark picture with the corners of the laptops screen.





once you place the background onto the laptops screen you may then take the bike/rider layer and using "free transform" (edit - transform - free transform) you can place the bike rider into position.



Then taking your burn tool, select the laptop layer and lightly burn a little bit of a shadow onto the side of the laptop under the bike for added effect.



When you get done, you should have a picture that looks very similar to this:





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