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[Guide]Adobe Audition - Remove vocals from a song.

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Well the idea came from this guy



You can get a free trial here


If you want the whole program pm me ;)

-So first of all you choose the song and add it to the list



-Double click to load it once it's in the list


-Go to the "Favorites" menu and click Vocal Remove



(It will take a bit depending on the song's length.)

That's it! Now go to File -> Save as and you're done!



PS: This doesn't remove the vocals 100% and it might lower some other features of the song.


All credits for this guide go to me =)




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It works!! :D check here the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQM0hFtEl34


And here without vocals click


I searched for this! +1  for your shares.

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Thx for the share Ace...Let's rock ^^ xD



EDIT: Well i test it in many songs and it works in a few of them...But it still a very nice share :P

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