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[Preview - PC,PS3,Xbox-360] Saw: The Videogame

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Saw is a survival horror video game with action elements. It is currently in development by Zombie Studios and is being published by Konami. The game is set to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with a downloadable version being made for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is an adaption of the Saw film series, and has a tentative release date of October 2009. The game is set to release around the same time as Saw VI, although they have entirely separate story lines.


The game was originally being published by Brash Entertainment, who later ceased all operations due to financial troubles. This allowed Konami to pick up the publishing rights for the game only a few weeks later. The game, now under control of Konami, is being designed to be a spiritual successor, or similar to Konami's other survival horror franchise, Silent Hill.






Taking place between the first and second films, the game will answer questions from both films. It has been revealed that the game will take place in an abandoned asylum with different Jigsaw traps scattered around the area.


The story will center on Detective David Tapp's kidnapping by his alleged suspect, The Jigsaw Killer. During the first Saw film, Tapp witnesses his long-time friend and partner, Detective Steven Sing, fall victim to one of Jigsaw's traps, leaving Tapp mentally unstable and was soon discharged from the police force. Later, Tapp was shot in the chest by Zepp Hindle after chasing him in pursuit of Jigsaw.


Jigsaw then gets someone to heal Tapp and put a key in his chest. Later, Tapp is placed in an abandoned asylum. Upon awakening in a bathroom with the Jaw trap, Tapp quickly pulls it off and searches a toilet full of used syringes for the key to escape into the rest of the asylum. From there, he is forced to work through several of Jigsaw's traps containing people with dark connections to Tapp.


It has been revealed that Tapp will encounter many people throughout the asylum. Some will be friendly and helpful, while others may attempt to kill the player.Recent trailers also show a person dressed in Jigsaw's robes and the signature Pig Mask stalking Tapp and others throughout the asylum.


IGN states that the game will have moral choices to be made that can result in multiple different endings. Early screens of the game's opening sequence show Tapp in a Jaw-splitter trap like the one Amanda Young was in for the first Saw film.


In an interview, the game's producer David Cohen stated that the game will "combine action, puzzles, mystery, and terror" and that "it has always been a priority to make sure the Saw video game feels like it is as important part of the puzzle as each film".






Saw will run on the Unreal Engine 3 engine as licensed by Epic Games.The game will be played entirely through the third person perspective. Throughout the game, the player is expected to make use of a number of weapons to interact with obstacles and fend off attacking characters. Dread central reveals that Saw will in fact have an online multiplayer component because, "working together will help you survive the game". The extent of the multiplayer has yet to be revealed except that it will be online through Xbox Live and Playstation Network.


The player will assume control of several characters throughout the game.There will also be 'fuse boxes' that the player may interact with to progress through the game. The player will have the ability to search for clues and items that can help out in puzzles. Searching abilities include looting bodies, nightstands, toilets, and other objects. Commenting on the game, Konami representatives stated that, "Everything is a test. Everything is a clue".


Gameplay footage was released by Gamespot of the game's opening where Detective Tapp first awakens in the asylum with the Jaw Splitter trap on. After a video message from Billy about how Tapp has wasted his life and others in his pursuit to catch Jigsaw, Tapp breaks out of his bonds and actual gameplay begins. The demonstrator, in an effort to show that Saw will not just be a collection of "Minigames", showed that in order to escape from Tapp's trap, the player must rotate the analog sticks properly while pressing a button indicated by a light on the trap itself.


From there, the demo took Tapp through the Jaw trap until he pulls it off his head, before it activates on the ground. Tapp then moves to an, "Environmental Trap", where the player must position the camera correctly and look into a mirror just right to see the combination to a bathroom stall near where Tapp woke. Tapp inputs the combination and discovers a toilet full of used syringes where he must reach in and grab the key to escape the bathroom before a "pain" meter fills up. From there, Tapp retrieves the key and exits the bathroom. The demo concludes with a glimpse of the asylum and a shotgun trap similar to the one that killed Tapp's former partner, Steven Sing.



Release Dates



U.S : 10 October 2009

Europe : N/A (not available)









Video - Trailer






External Links



Official Website

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Some movies should not be turned into games, this is the living proof of it.

Yes, I agree. Saw movie is so Horible, so I will not try the Game, too. It will be awful. :-X

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