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interlude [Interlude L2-Off] L2-Ezakiel PvP Server with PVP Award System


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Dear players,


Like you see L2-Ezakiel staff is back with a full new server !

We worked lot of time to dev a full new Lineage PVP server system


We are in beta period and we need many player to test the server and it will be cool if some maxcheater player come test our self made PvP Award system!


The team :








We are all really experienced in L2Off dev and made/deved at least each one a know L2 server :)



Some info :


- The server run on interlude L2Off files, the best ones full fixed and lag proof, promised.


- You begin level 76 with 1 armor coin and 1 weapon coin.


- You get at the start full armor jewel weapon and consumable of your choice. A second npc give you 2nd and 3rd class. Then a last npc let you enter the pvp world and give you nobless


- 1 town : Giran. You can do everything there, take full buff buy your stuff and so on, it's the central place where all player will meet.


- Full new farming system : yeah we did it, to get your armor, you must PVP !! everytime you kill a player in a pvp state you win a PVP Coin and everytime you PK or you kill a monster you win a corrupted coin. Those item will allow you to buy powered stuff.


- Lot of other thing like item spoil in the chaotic place and so on... JOIN US and come discover the pleasure of an ONLY PVP server!



I hope it will please you, to be honest, the server is now online for 2hours, so maxcheater players will be the really first to join it


I really really how you will come try it since i know how skilled are some player here to find bug and so on.


Anyway it's a beta and people who will make usefull bug report will be obviously rewarded if they continue play right here.



See you soon in game


Ops i forgot the most important :

Link :


The launcher : http://l2-amnesia.com/L2Ezakiel.exe


To download Interlude Client : http://www.gamershell.com/download_18458.shtml



For more info : http://www.L2-Ezakiel.com



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and why you didn't make a faction serveR??

this style of server is like faction


only pvp and with pvp reward...


btw, maybe i will join because of the pvp and because is OFF


also,i wish you gl with your server!!!

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Yes we are aion-extreme.com but let say it's not the moment for us to advertise that :)

Anyway it's cool to find some player that know you ^^


Anyway for the one worry about aion-extreme downtime just be patient, some good thing are coming about that ;)

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I checked this server and its look nice :)

But i think better idea to make server Faction :)


@Edit: Fix Symbol make I cannot add my DYE... TY

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