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How to find ip via msn (QUESTION)


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[gr] teamviewer prospathise na ton psaroseis gia na pareis to ip :P


to mono p mporesa na skefto!!!!


well maybe the guy is kinda noob :P but he is not so noob to let me enter his pc just like that :P

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The only thing that your enemy must do is to get in this link!




At xxxxxxxxxxx replace with your e-mail and you give the link to your victim.when he press at the link it will come with e-mail his IP !



At  themaintextoftheflashfilegoeshere  replace with your text or leave it as it is!


Have fun  Smiley

C/p From K4rma Guide

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well i really need to find the ip of a guy but the script GetIP don't works =/

anyt other ideas ?


Hmmm, i have an idea. But i don't tell you because you are nab. Just this... (J/k i will tell you my idea, but no joking you are nab^^)



Anyway i will tell you my idea on msn, is a secret! :P

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